PROTECTIVE PRODUCTS’ Futuristic Body Armor

One of the most head-turning displays at IACP this year…

One of the most head-turning displays at IACP this year was the Protective Products booth.

They featured futuristic body armor tailored for LE or military applications. The armor is flexible with accessories that protect extremities as well as the core. Also in the works is a flexible ballistic panel that can be used as a shield, cover wounded counterparts, protect a vehicle’s windshield, etc. They are also an authorized supplier for ballistic doors used by Ford Motor Company. Visit


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  • Heath A. Muller

    Wow! I cant believe that this armor is already in production. Its like right out of the book AFTERWINDS. Youd think our soldiers would be worth the investment.

  • Kozak

    Damn that’s Some Bad-Ass armor it say Futuristic but does Anybody have an Idea when it Could Come out or where i could Buy Some ?

  • Scar

    looks good hope this is standard when i join the core in a few years

  • gjg

    wow batman

  • OmgCakez

    @J.Anthony and others like JOE:
    i doubt they can tell you anything about it its probably classified
    also keeping it one color for each climate like white for snow tan for desert
    black for anything else (i think) so they can not see weak points like what that one guy said… i would like to have a helmet like that one though.. 😛

  • Dutch82

    tyson(Airborn killer)said: “And No there wont ever be body armor that can stop 50 cal or such come-on if you’ve ever spend time around a 50 you should know this.”

    Boron Carbide is one of the hardest materials in existence, and could stop a 50 cal. round flat….it’s light and efficient enough for body armor applications, and is being researched at present.

  • G. R.

    @ U. S. Force Recon: an armor that can stop a .50 caliber? Are you seroius? There’s nothing like that, and I guess it’ll never be. Anyway, the article is about a suit, not about night-vision devices, scope, ecc. The gear you describe looks like the stuff I saw in my little brother’s videogame.

  • future soldier 101

    Look up invisible military suit on google. A suit is being developed with nanotechnology. The suit that is being made allows the wearer to lift objects up to 300 pounds. It will also contain a supercomputer, and it can sense the enviroment around and behind the soldier and instantally match the enviroment. For example,if the soldier was standing against a brick wall, he would blend right in. there is also a special gun that fires smart ammunition. The bullets can go through a wall or over a trench and explode in midair over the trench or after going through the wall. There are tons of other features to explain but i dont feel like doing it. The armor will basically make one lucky soldier a one man army.

  • Austin

    Its ready to go in reference trials SF.

  • Chris

    The face mask looks more like its part of an Uruk-hai’s helmet in LOTR, actually. I do like the looks of it, upper torso looks kinda vulnerable but i dont think we will ever be able to get past having SOME weak points in any armor. As far as all that fancy gadgetry to be able to run right up to the enemy, thats just not needed for the standard soldier/average joe. Why would you want be out in the open in a fire fight anyway? would it be cool yes, but practical? I agree with tyson on the whole 50 cal thing. They should also seriously look at the armor design in Halo (not to sound like a geek). not to actually do the whole thing, but take ideas off of it.

  • jack (jcdiamond)

    i think it’s cool how the armour seems fairly maneuvarable, for the militia i think armour is purely about protection from high cal rounds, explosions, chemicals and weather conditions, i think the coolest sort of armour would be desogned for sports, infiltration units sort of thing so flexibility is the aim but also with protection from high falls and impacts, such as motocross armpur but a little more high tech and more flexibility, i’ve come up with a rough design that involves two layers of garments, an underlay which protects from impact and outerlay which is designed to protect from penatration, i.e stabs or dog bites, but both are needed to complete the protection and coverage of the whole body while still remaining perfectly flexible. Now that would be cool and affordable to the every day joe bloggs

  • armor-creator

    not bad at all, they have been working hard but my suit is better and i dont have the 50cal problem a 400lb mechanical suit fit to the user bulky yes but with 5″ thick titanium plating ur going to have more protection against high caliber rounds then this thing. they have been working on a mech suit for years but they can figure out how to get past the power problem which is easy if you think about it.

  • Dalton Brasel

    It would be interesting to have the Marine Corps do a field test on it. It looks like the Marine armor off of HALO a little bit. It looks “manuverable.”

  • tyson (Airborne killer)

    The face mask actually looks like a storm trooper from star wars. And No there wont ever be body armor that can stop 50 cal or such come-on if you’ve ever spend time around a 50 you should know this. Good suggestion on the temp conditioning, actually the suit you describe would be just fantastic. It’d sure make driving around on jinga trucks with our “friends” safer.

  • Robert J Perkins

    Let Me Try it.Who wants to shoot me?I will do it for armore.

  • Robert J Perkins

    JOE Black is Good Or one color Because The person shooting you cant tell where weak spots are.

  • Robert J Perkins

    Are They Going to make it affordable For the every day Joe?You have to be rich to be safe!!!

  • U.S. Force Recon

    Cool Armor design, but will it stop a 50 cal. sniper round or any type of high cal. assault rifle round? If it is futuristic it should be lightweight, capable of stopping a 50 cal. bullet, capable of changing the wearers body temperature to suit him/her best in any climate environment, Bio/chem protection, comm’s unit, a decice capable of making armor blend with any environment a.k.a Camillion Armor, water compartment, liquid food compartment, piss flap so that you don’t have to take the whole suit off to take a piss, 4th generation night vision built into the mask, thermal vision, bino vision capable of zooming and perfecting vision from a distance, bomb and water proof. If it truly is useful, any crazy soldier like me wearing this armor should have no probem running into enemy fire and staring the enemy in the eye and slitting his throat without being injured or killed. But then again if the enemy got a hold of this kind of technology we would be in deep shit.

  • James

    The concept illustrates articulating plate armor which extends onto the should/biceps and forearms. High speed low drag non ceramic construction… it is not in production but it is not that far out. The chest and back have icreased coverage compared to the industry standard ‘shooters cut’ ceramic plate. Hope it intrigues and inspires

  • Hey J. Anthony, this is a conceptual design, ever been to a car show where they have concept cars that don’t actually work? This is a glimpse into what armor may look like in the future.

  • Joe

    Looks interesting. I wish they’d stop using black for armor stuff though. In Pics you can’t tell where the clothing is and where the armor is. Since it all blends together it looks like it’s one piece. It might be, but using a diff color (like OD or coyote) might help it stand out.

  • Body armor lok’s GREAT, (IF?) you can move it? Is it “Jmp-able”? Is it TOTAL Body Armour, or are their “BLANK-SPOT’s”? What the weight? And what about “climate” control, e.g. going from the Artic to the Sub-Sahal or a Jungle Envoriment? Is their a “BIO/CHEM” protection to it?
    What is the “LEVEL of the Armour, IVA; composition? Will it “crumble, i.e. like ceramic, or Maintain the Level? Is it a 1 piece overal? What other enviromental, e.g. rain, snow, sun etc?
    Is there a “Comm’s” unit intergral to it?

    Death to AQ/T!