PROTECTIVE PRODUCTS’ MFAB: Multi-Functional Armor Blanket

  Protective Products International (PPI) is a leading manufacturer and…


Protective Products International (PPI) is a leading manufacturer and distributor of advanced ballistic protective products.  The company responded to a request for a protective solution that could be easily attached to a partition of a police vehicle offering ballistic protection against handgun rounds potentially fired from the backseat. PPI engineers developed a ballistic blanket concept that addressed the safety concerns within the vehicle and also offered the officer quick removable tactical cover in an emergency, thus creating Protective Products’ MFAB; the Multi-Functional Armor Blanket.

The MFAB’s mounting mechanism is movable. The panels can be vertically hung on a car door or on the interior wall of any first responder vehicle. Individual MFAB panels can be linked together to increase the protective coverage. The MFAB meets U.S. Military Fragmentation Requirements and is NIJ Level IIIA certified. It weighs 23.36 ounces or 1.46 lbs per square foot. The MFAB can be thrown over the windshield of a police cruiser for instant portable tactical cover and can also provide mobile personal protection for officers on entry with carry handles at each end of the MFAB. The MFAB also offers bomb and blast protection and with the additional carry handles allows the MFAB to be used as a stretcher in an extraction situation.

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