PTR-91 Inc.’s New Rifle

This is a new rifle from PTR-91 Inc. set to…


This is a new rifle from PTR-91 Inc. set to be released in January ’09. It is based on the famous HK G3 (7.62x51mm NATO) design and certain features remind one of the HK MSG90 (adjustable stock, polymer trigger group, scope rail and target barrel with bipod). This rifle would make for a great LE or military DM rifle considering that the design has already been combat proven as a sniper rifle in various European nations. Features to note include the fluted barrel without compensator/muzzle brake/flash suppressor, a forend made of the same metal as the receiver, a Picatinny rail on top and under the forend, an adjustable MAGPUL stock for comb height and length of pull. We should all cross our fingers for a good trigger and an affordable MSRP. The HK MSG90 and PSG-1 have had a value exceeding $9,000 for the last few years.


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  • gerry maloney sr

    look at buds gun shop they have a few different models priced from about 1000 to about 2500??

  • Vlad Cabias

    That rifle is called the PTR MSG91SS. It was a limited production run for a distributor. According to PTR when I called them they mentioned only about a 100 to 125 were made. They eventually stopped in order to catch up with other orders for their standard models.

    It’s rare for the time being but PTR also mentioned they would be returning to this model and producing more of them sometime later this year. The only change they are considering making is possibly using a longer 24″ barrel.

  • Derrick Bartek

    i bought one of these about two years ago at a gun show. to this day i have still never found them for sale at any gun shops or have yet to see one online for sale. i was just wondering what is the deal with this particular rife?