Quantum3D ExpeditionDI: Man-Wearable Mission Simulation Platform

This system kept a good crowd at its booth for…


This system kept a good crowd at its booth for demonstrations. This program simulates dismounted infantry training where an entire squad can be immersed in the same mission such as raiding a compound or executing a cordon and search. It utilizes a wearable binocular OLED display with audio communications that fit with a helmet. Wireless weapon options include an M4A2, M16/M203 and an M249 SAW. The system has multiple motion trackers that translates the soldier’s movement into the mission for complete squad interaction. It is PC compatible with enhanced real-time graphics. A body posture tracker attached to the leg detects if the soldier goes into a standing, crouching or prone position. The system is held to each individual soldier by way of a LBV (load bearing vest) that comes in five sizes and is designed to support the system’s heaviest components.


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  • troy blaser

    is it possible to buy these from the public?