RAPID ASSAULT TOOLS’ First Responders RatKit

When a school or business is in lockdown and you’re…


When a school or business is in lockdown and you’re the first on the scene, the First Responders RatKit is your first choice.

first-responders-pack-good.jpgRapid Assault Tools’s innovative USA made, ergonomically designed backpack allows for quick access to three different manual entry tools AND a high quality ballistic shield!

Use the pry bar, bolt cutter &/or sledge hammer to gain access to the premises. Once inside, easily slide the ballistic shield out the side of the pack. Unfold and lock the pack and you are Good-To-Go!

The patent pending First Responder RatKit™ includes:
• 20” long RatBar™
• 20” long 6# RatSledge™
• 20” long RatCutter™
• Minuteman II Ballistic Shield with level 3A** protection. Shield is 19”x34” extended
** Level 3 available at added cost
• Heavy duty Cordura® backpack with padded shoulder and waist straps
• Total weight: 35 lbs.

*30” collapsible tools available at added cost.

For more information on this and other Rapid Assault Tools products, visit www.ratools.com

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