Varmints Beware! Nosler, Inc., has introduced their new Varmageddon line…

Varmints Beware!
Nosler, Inc., has introduced their new Varmageddon line of varmint bullets and ammunition. Component bullets will be available in both polymer-tipped and hollow-point configurations in .17, .204, .224 and .243 calibers. Varmageddon products are loaded with NoslerCustom brass and were created for the high-volume varmint shooter who requires reliable, consistent accuracy and the utmost precision for devastating results. (nosler.com; 800-285-3701)

Heckler & Koch recently won a competitive contract to produce the U.S. Marine Corps’ new Infantry Automatic Rifle (IAR). The formal “Full Rate Production” announcement by the Marines caps a competition that began more than three years ago. The lightweight, 11.62-pound weapon with ancillary equipment is a variant of the highly successful HK416 used by military, law enforcement, and special operations units around the world. The contract will last 5 years and there will be one M27 IAR per four-man fire team, with three M27 IARs per squad, 28 per company and more than 4,000 across the entire Marine Corps. (hk-usa.com; 706-568-1906)

Hunter’s Pocket Fact Card
At some point, nearly every hunter will be called on to point out the merits of hunting. Will you be up to the task of defending this great tradition by citing well-sourced facts in your discussion? NSSF can help you make your points with its newly updated Hunter’s Pocket Fact Card. The card is free and available online at nssf.org/lit and in bulk quantities at your hunting club, shooting range, conservation organization or firearms retail store.

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