RAT Cutlery changes name to ESEE Knives, reveal ’10 products

Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin of Randall’s Adventure & Training…


Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin of Randall’s Adventure & Training announced Monday, February 1st that
they would officially be changing the name of their cutlery division from RAT Cutlery Company to ESEE
KNIVES. Randall and Perrin made this decision due to confusion in the industry with other companies
who market knives under similar names.

The new name (ESEE) comes from Randall and Perrin’s vast experience teaching survival courses to
military, law enforcement and civilians in the jungles of South America. ESEE is an acronym for Escuela
de Supervivencia (School of Survival), Escape and Evasion.

Randall stated that the only thing changing is the name of the company, company web site address and
the branding (marking and logos) on their knives (See new logos below). Their no-questions-asked
warranty, high quality manufacturing, absolute customer service and interaction with their customer
base will remain intact. Rowen Manufacturing in Idaho will continue to build all knives for Randall’s
Adventure & Training under the new ESEE name. Furthermore,  ESEE KNIVES will continue to offer their
no-questions-asked warranty on any knife that was manufactured by Rowen Manufacturing under the
RAT Cutlery / RC branding.

The RC-3, RC-4, RC-5 and RC-6 knives will be re-named ESEE-3, ESEE-4, ESEE-5 and ESEE-6. The Izula line
and the new Junglas and Lite Machete line will remain the same and marketed under the name of ESEE
Knives with their respective logos. eseeknives.com.


RC-3, RC-4, RC-6 and RC-3MIL Clip Point Knives W/ Sharpened Back Edge
Specs are the same as the standard RC-3, RC-4 and RC-6 knives except the back edge is sharpened on these models. The
Clip Point models are currently only available in black. See price sheet for more information. 
ESEE Lite Machete
Overall length: 23.5 inches
Overall Handle Length: 6.0 inches
Overall Handle Thickness:  .88”
Blade Thickness: .065”
Weight Without Sheath: 17 ounces
Convexed Edge
Natural Micarta Handles (Removable)
1075 Steel Blade – Black Coated
Blade Made In El Salvador By Imacasa / Condor
Handle Made In The USA By ESEE Knives / Rowen Manufacturing
Ambidextrous Cordura Sheath Cover (On Models Shipped With Sheath)


ESEE AH-1 Arrowhead
Overall Length: 2.5”
Overall Width: .813”
Overall Thickness: .13”
Double Edged W/ Lashing Shaft And Hole
Made In The USA By ESEE Knives / Rowen Manufacturing

ESEE Junglas Fixed Blade
Overall length: 16.5 inches
Overall Handle Length: 5.88 inches
Overall Handle Thickness:  .88”
Blade Max Thickness: .188”
Weight Without Sheath: 22.5 ounces
High Sabre Blade Grind
Hammer Pommel
Canvas Micarta Handles (Removable)
1095 Steel Blade – Black Powder Coated
Made In The USA By ESEE Knives / Rowen Manufacturing
Ambidextrous Kydex Sheath with Cordura MOLLE Back (On Models Shipped With Sheath)

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  • Renato

    Ratcutlery/ESEE knives are great knives.tough stuff.I won them as I own several other blades.but they stand out.to Bob Randall….I will quote Buddha:he who throws sand(insults,anger) at an innocent will get that sand into his own eyes.same for you with your turd(yuk).see ya

  • Nothing wrong with changing a name. In fact, with SwampRat Knives out there, connected with Busse, why not make it clear that you’re a different company? You have great products, ESEE, and my son will be getting the Lite Machete, among other things, for his upcoming 18th birthday. He’s been asking for a good machete & I’ve spent a lot of hours checking out reviews online and watching YouTube videos and I’m convinced the ESEE machete is one of the best. Here’s wishing you a great future ESEE. Cheers.

  • Beckett

    Who did RAT/ESEE rip off?

    So easy to make baseless blanket statements to try to hurt someones reputation isn’t it.

  • Ted

    You guys are dumb. I have had my rat cutlery products and even after messing up a sheath that was blatantly my fault these guys had me a new one within the week for free. Rat cutlery products are fantastic and i will continue to support them regardless of the name change. To hell with Ontario knives! wait…. their products wouldn’t stand up to the abuse.

  • Bob Randal

    Kind of weak reason for name change. More link dodging REAL knife makers ideas. The white Dwarf tries to change his colors yet again. No matter how you wrap a turd in decoration, it’s still a turd.
    Love you guys.

  • I wonder who they ripped off to get the new models?