Raven UAV

The latest unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) developed for the US…


The latest unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) developed for the US Army is the Raven. Like all Army UAVs, it is an unmanned aircraft carrying sensors that send back real-time images of the target area. These pictures are sent back to a remote ground control station via a data link where they are analyzed. The Army operates several types of UAVs of various sizes and capabilities. The UAVs are operated at the brigade and divisions and are allocated to smaller units such as battalions and companies for particular missions.

raven2.gifThe Raven is a typical Army UAV. However, at first glance, the Raven seems like a great leap backwards. It is smaller, slower, has a shorter range and its sensors have far less resolution capability. While all this is true, a close examination shows that the Raven represents a major technological advance in providing the Army with capabilities no other UAV can match. Particularly, it provides units as small as platoons with their own full-time UAV support. How was it developed and deployed so quickly and dependable?

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  • MSG (R) William Putnam

    In reference to the Raven UAV article in the October 2008 edition. The artivle states the Raven’s first combat deployment was in early 2005 in Iraq.

    I was the Force Protection Officer of FOB Summerall, near the town of Bayji, 2004-2005. 1-33FA, 1st Infatry Division, from Bamberg Germany, deployed the Raven in the fall of 2004 with great success. A mobile training team trained 3 of our soldiers as pilots and we began flying missions in support of our sister unit 1-6 FA. We we’re able to scan IED locations almost immediately after an attack if it was in range.

    Great combat mulitplier.


    MSG(R) William Putnam