Raytheon tests new weapon designed for unmanned aircraft systems.

Raytheon Company successfully flight tested Small Tactical Munition, a new…

Raytheon Company successfully flight tested Small Tactical Munition, a new weapon specifically designed to be employed from unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). STM is a 13-pound guided bomb that is approximately 2-feet long, making it the smallest bomb in the Raytheon family of weapons.

The bomb’s dual-mode, semiactive laser seeker and GPS-inertial navigation system enable the weapon to engage both fixed and moving targets around-the-clock, regardless of weather conditions.

“Current combat operations have highlighted the need for extremely small, precise weapons that are optimally designed for remotely piloted aircraft,” said Bob Francois, Raytheon vice president of Advanced Missiles and Unmanned Systems. “STM is part of a portfolio of weapons that meets the warfighter’s need in this area.”

Raytheon flight tested two STM weapons on two separate passes from a Cobra™ UAS. The GPS-INS guided the weapons to a mid-course position where the semiactive laser seeker precisely guided the weapon to the target, achieving all test objectives.

“Raytheon has been the world leader in weapons and aircraft weaponization for 60 years; developing a unique weapon for today’s unmanned aircraft combat operations is a natural fit,” added Francois.

Source: Raytheon

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  • Chris Blow

    These are probably a lot more powerful than “2or3 grenades”(Think a 1/2 kilo of C-4 !???) But , even 1 grenade: delivered with pin-point accuracy on that mortar position that was ranging on our embasy would have been sweet!

  • Justin

    That must only be as powerful as 2 or 3 grenades…