RBR’s T.A.P.S. Body Armor System

The RBR T.A.P.S. package is a lightweight, custom fit body…

The RBR T.A.P.S. package is a lightweight, custom fit body armor system that allows the wearer to go from every day concealed use to a fully tactical system in a matter of minutes. With interchangeable ballistic inserts in a soft, custom cut, wearable format the RBR T.A.P.S. package is truly the personal armor system designed for all missions.

* Adjustable Modular Ballistics Overlapping In Shoulders And Sides
* Contains NIJ Certified 2005 Interim Requirements, DEA Tested And Approved RBR Flex IIIA 35+ Aramid Hybrid System
vst-tapsblk3a-lg.gif * Comfortable Easy to Wear, Poly-Cotton Concealed Vest Cover, With Moisture Wicking Mesh on Body Side
* Downed Officer Rescue Handle
* Front & Rear 10″ x 12″ Plate Pockets
* Groin Protector and Upper / Bicep coverage Compatible
* Manufactured With US Mil-Spec MOLLE Webbing Configuration
* 4″ Wide Internal Cummberbund For Secure Fit
* Designed For Speed And Comfort In Surveillance and Warrant Service

For more information on this and other RBR Tactical Armor products, visit www.rbrtactical.com

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