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Real Avid made history with its Revelation LED-lighted knife, making…

Real Avid made history with its Revelation LED-lighted knife, making it safer and easier for hunters to field dress game after dark. Now, they are introducing the Revelation AMP 3-in-1 Field Dressing Knife and the Revelation AMP Folding Knife.


Like other Real Avid knife products, the 3-in-1 folding knife has more functionality than first meets the eye. It includes a blade, plus a bone saw and a generous, oversized gut hook to make field dressing easy and complete.

Features and specifications include:
ο Two super-bright, water-sealed LED lights, batteries included
ο Razor sharp locking 3.5” drop point, 440 surgical stainless blade
ο Razor-toothed locking bone saw with over-sized gut hook
ο Recessed on/off switch
ο Limited lifetime warranty
ο 5” rubberized handle for sure grip with wet hands
ο Ballistic nylon sheath
ο MSRP: $59.99


If a single-blade knife is your choice, the Revelation AMP Folding Knife will fit the bill. It features a 3.5”, 440 stainless steel drop point blade, a ballistic nylon sheath and a rubberized handle with a liner lock. Overall size is 9” and MSRP is $49.99.

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  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Very intersting

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Very very interesting to a hunter who usually gets his deer just before dark