Real Avid’s The Gun Tool

Unlike handyman multi-tools, The Gun Tool is built to meet…

Unlike handyman multi-tools, The Gun Tool is built to meet the specific needs of hunters and shooters. The patent pending Gun Tool is loaded with 18 of the most frequently used tools for rifles and shotguns, all in a compact 5” x 1.5 “ x 1.25” ergonomic frame.

An innovative, stand-out feature is the universal choke wrench. Its unique step design securely penetrates into the slots of a tube and allows you to work with every gauge from the slender .410 to the mighty 10 gauge. The Gun Tool also includes a pin punch to take down trigger assemblies for thorough cleaning, multiple Torx and Allen wrenches that fit the most common scope rings and bases, a magnetic bit driver and bits, internal bit storage, a scope windage & elevation adjuster and a claw-point blade to help you open a case of clays or cut a lift rope for your tree stand. The suggested retail price of The Gun Tool is $24.99.

Due to great consumer demand, The Gun Tool Plus has just been released. The “Plus” includes 5 extra hex bits, a useful adapter that fits any standard ¼” driver bit and an ingenious magnetic flex neck Bore Light so you can keep both hands free while cleaning your gun. The Gun Tool Plus comes in a durable, perfectly-molded EVA sheath and retails for $34.99.

The Gun Tool Specifications:
Field or range, this is the most versatile and handy combo a shooter can carry. The Gun Tool is loaded with 18 of the most frequently used long gun tools, including five Torx and Allen wrenches and four magnetic hex drive bits, in a compact and ergonomic folding frame. A stout claw-point blade is ideal for ammo boxes, and the pin punch makes quick work of disassembly. The multi-function choke wrench fits most tubes from .410 to 10 ga. and doubles as a scope windage and elevation adjuster. A durable stainless steel and grip-coat polymer frame neatly houses every implement. Unlike handyman multi-tools, the Gun Tool is built from the specific needs, insights and frustrations of hunters and shooters. No tool fits you better.

o 420 Stainless steel frame with rubber grip coated side-plates
o Gun pin punch
o Choke tube wrench fits .410 – 10 ga.
o Scope windage/elevation adjuster
o 3 Torx wrenches: T20, T15, T10
o Allen wrenches: 3/32”, 5/32”
o Fits most rings and bases
o Magnetic hex driver
o Storage bay holds 4 hex bits:
– PH1, PH2, 1/8” & 3/16” slotted driver
o 420 Stainless claw-point knife
o Frame size: 5” x 1.5” x 1.25”
o PET clamshell or boxed PDQ

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