Redesigned Apex Handguard System

The improved Apex Handguard System now has "GatorGrip" checkering along…

The improved Apex Handguard System now has “GatorGrip” checkering along the ENTIRE length of the aluminum tube. Our system includes the “GatorGrip” tube, clamp, and mounting hardware that easily retrofits your AR-15 available in rifle, mid, and carbine lengths. It is comfortable and cool to the touch for heat dissipation through rail slots positioned every 45 degrees. Rails sold separately.


The Apex Handguard System is the ultimate modular free-floating hand guard for your AR-15. The trim profile, non-slip GatorGrip pattern and light-weight aluminum construction maximizes comfort and control. Apex’s unique design allows versatile rail configurations for target, hunting, law enforcement, and military needs. Available in carbine, mid, and rifle lengths.


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