Relief, joy at Fort Bliss after announcement of Iraq withdrawal (video).

Since 1848, Fort Bliss has been where U.S. soldiers toil,…

Since 1848, Fort Bliss has been where U.S. soldiers toil, train and sweat under the strong Southwest sun before departing for battlegrounds around the world.

It has also been where their loved ones grieve upon hearing the worst possible news from the war front — including in 52 cases over eight years of fighting in Iraq.

Such heart-wrenching returns from that Middle Eastern nation will soon become history. President Barack Obama announced Friday that the vast majority of the more than 39,000 U.S. troops now stationed in Iraq, including about 3,500 from Fort Bliss, “will definitely be home for the holidays.”

Source: Martin Savidge for CNN.

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  • Savoury

    For this have I given my best,
    I have kept only my son,
    To his country I have given the rest,
    For my husband has offered his body,
    But I have given my heart’s best,

    To keep this land brave, to keep it free,
    It was my destiny,
    To deliver from my arms, and into the night,
    My beloved, gone from my sight,

    For every mile of desert that he tread,
    I had thousands of lonely nights and tears to shed,
    When he lay baking in the sun, I was alone and cold in bed,
    Nights trying to forget, every morning waking to dread,

    That he was gone from my arms forever,
    That this country from sea to shining sea,
    Would forever have claimed what it could not replace,
    I would love my country still, in any case

    Now that he is coming home to me,
    I shall ever bless his sailed sea,
    The sweat and blood that he has given,
    His country, forever to enjoy.

    So remember me my country too,
    Though you have no medals to offer new,
    To testify of all I have given,
    For I have yielded my beloved to you,