Giving a new meaning to the word precision, the 40-XS…

Giving a new meaning to the word precision, the 40-XS 338LM from the Remington Custom Shop brings the long-range performance of the .338 Lapua Magnum to the popular 40-XS series of rifles. Featuring the attention to detail for which the Remington Custom Shop is renowned, the 40-XS 338LM is designed from the ground up for extreme accuracy.

The 13.5-pound rifle sports a fully adjustable McMillian A5 stock with a titanium bedding. The blueprinted action of the rifle is manufactured from stainless steel and is mated up to a matching stainless steel button-rifled 40-X 26” barrel. The muzzle of the rifle is threaded and equipped with a detachable muzzle brake designed to help tame the recoil of this .338 powerhouse. The rifle accepts a detachable magazine, and the bolt sports an AR-type extractor.

Topping off the 40-XS 338LM is a substantial Picatinny rail mount that extends to the forward portion of the rifle’s fore-end, featuring side rail mounts for additional accessories to complement the chosen optic.

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  • Lynn

    And I ‘m sure it will be just as accurate as the Savage Ba…. $ 2200.

  • John

    I have a Remington Custom Shop 40 XS in 338 lapua for sale.It has a 26in heavy barrel w/ muzzle brake harris bipod Adj LOP& cheek piece Rifle is new for 2011- rifle has 40 X trigger and comes w/ custom soft and hard case. i have mounted a 3x12x56mm Ziess scope & harris bipod. asking $ 4500.00 for entire rig. Details call 229-548-4801

  • John

    I see the remington 40X in 338 lapua is out .there is one on guns america priced at $ 4295.00 what has happened to remingtons prices.I personally am a H&S precision fan. I have owned 3 of their rifles and loved them all. H&S rifles in 338 lapua with fluted barrel and muzzle brake runs $1200.00 cheaper than the 40X.I justbought a new H&S HTR in 338 lapua for $2999.99 a great rifle in every aspect. Hope i can learn to shoot it.Recoil with the brake is the same as a 300WM.

  • Mr.Pimms

    I was going to ask, but “Laughable” sums it up for me.

  • Ric

    Forget it. I would rather get a SAKO TRG 42. The TRG 42 has a hammer-forged receiver and barrel.

    The Remington 40X series has become laughably overpriced!

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