Remington 700 SPS Tactical .223

The majority of law enforcement precision tactical marksmen use .308…


The majority of law enforcement precision tactical marksmen use .308 caliber rifles, but at the ranges typical of LE SWAT engagements, a .308 is almost overkill considering that the marksman is typically striving for a head shot at a distance that generally doesn’t exceed 100 yards. In fact, FBI statistics show that the average SWAT marksman engagement takes place at 51 yards. Thus, a .223 caliber rifle should be more than adequate given the average engagement ranges.

remington2.gifThe argument can be made that the .223 isn’t as effective at longer ranges, but with the right ammunition, a rifleman with a .223 can accurately engage targets at surprisingly long distances using ammo like the military’s Mark 262. The latest version of this very accurate ammunition is the Mark 262 Mod1, the difference being that the latest version has a cannelure, while the original does not.

The Mk 262 is essentially Black Hills’ 77-grain match cartridge, so precision marksmen should have little trouble engaging targets at normal LE distances using it and the ammo has proven to be extremely effective in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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  • jeremy

    M700 in 223 will be fun. They have always been accurate. I don’t think it comes with that same stock though. Id like to have one just like it!

  • ive had my rem 700 sps tactical .223 for six months now all i can say magnificant firearm highly reccomended groups well would never trade

  • My friend has a new .308 SPS. It is having the same problem with the cases coming out scratched and it is very hard to get them out of the chamber. I suggested we use some JB’s and see what happens. Any suggestions?

  • Cheech Mc

    check out the m1907 sling in the pic. Its on upside down…noobs.

  • Walter

    @ Bugboy:
    I have recently bought one of this amazing rifle. I am experiencing the same that happen to you, deep scratches on cases, and a sort of roughness in chambering the cartridge, especially with hollow point bullets. Honestly, it’s pointless. Overall it was the best deal ever made: it’s the most accurate rifle ever handled.

  • Bruce blatchley

    I bought the 223 version and found the mag follower to jam easily while cycling the action on an empty magazine and also the bolt is tight on PMC factory ammo and handloads alike…all .223.

  • Bugboy

    I just bought a rem 700 sps tactical in .223

    During the process of chambering a round, there is a little resistance when the round is stripped from the magazine. Upon ejection of the case, there is a noticeable set of deep scratches on the cases. I’ve inspected the bolt and receiver and i cannot find any burrs. not sure what’s causing this scratching.

    anyway, anyone else have these problems?

    Otherwise, the gun is shooting decently (0.6 moa with factory loads), should do a little better with handloads…

  • Joshua


    The 5.56 round has a higher pressure than the .223. So, the PSI placed on the weapon systme is greater with a 5.56. Your 700, if it will even chamber the round (as the military brass is thicker), may not be rated to that pressure. The military does not use SAAMI standard to rate pressure. Next, the chambering or the leade is different. This is which is the distance between the mouth of the cartridge and the point at which the rifling engages the bullet. Many AR platform weapons will fire both as they use the 5.56 or Wylde leade. The .223 is often not as accurate in a 5.56 AR. Hope this helps.

  • Matthew

    Hi, I just bought a Rem 700 SPS .223, Any suggestions to the best round and grain to use on it?

  • david

    the chamber on the Remington sps tactical 223 is too tight for the 5.56 ( i know mine is anyway) so u can try but the bolt wont close so no it will not fire 5.56, there is a small difference in the neck of the brass, and the 223 is just a little smaller so you cant even use the brass for a reload, i know this from trying, so i hope this helps with any questions

  • Hi there..
    I have been reading the comments on the Remington SPS Tactical Rifle chambered on .223.
    I am really curious to what happens if I use the 5.56 rounds on this? I do have access to this type of bullet more than the .223. Will this hurt my barrel in the long run or should I get the .308 version? I like the .223 version for the less recoil and more forgiving lick on the shoulder since I already have the M14 to do that for me.

    Please advise me so I know if I should return the rifle or not to my dealer and exchange it for the .308 version.

    I hope and pray that I can load it with the .556 Nato ammo.

  • David Brickner

    Now ya got me worried. I have been shooting Hansen (says .223 (5.56-M193) Made in Israel on the box. Pretty accurate. I think it would be hard to blow up my Remington 700 heavy barrel.
    Shoots fine in my Bushmaster. I gather the cartridge dimension are the same but gun chambers be different. Would headspaces gages show any difference??

  • Propter Hoc

    You should never use 5.56 milspec in a rifle chambered for .223 alone. There is a difference in specs.. Google 5.56 vs .223.

  • david brickner

    Mark says>>> Not to use military ball ammon in the remington 700 .223 rifle! What instructions?? I need more info on this!!

  • Jeff

    I just bought a 700 sps tactical in .223, and as mentioned here, 1/2″ groups out of the box. I started with a 69 grain and had it under a .25moa in a few rounds
    Wouldn’t trade it!

  • matt

    Picked up this rifle about 6 mos ago in .223. Best trade I ever made. Took a bit to figure out a handload that it really likes but a 50 gr V-Max ahead of H-335 will literally shoot 1 hole at 100 yards (and not really a ragged one at that!) My best target to date was 3 rounds at 355 yards and measured .766″ center to center. Dropped the trigger to 2 lbs & worked the stock channel to actually float but this rifle needs very little more than that. Highly recommended!

  • Chris

    hi there. i have just been given a model 700 sps tactical for xmas. have heard that it is an awsome rifle to use. cant wait to take it out to the range next 🙂

  • hey

    ya this gun is ok but way to short why don’t you get a real gun

  • hey


  • Theloss

    Ok, The R700 pic here is EXTREMELY impractical, and overkill. You would never find a SWAT sniper with that crud on his rifle. Also, I promise you that stock is no longer free floating with all that and the bipod there. Also, I don’t see anybody getting a good cheek weld with that.

    Yes, I think the sps tactical is the best rifle for the money right now. Although I have a nice HS-pro stock on mine, I can shoot a sub .25 moa group with it.

    I don’t think the .308 is to much at all. I know you are supposed to take head shots, but what if you have to shoot threw glass, or body armor. The .223 rely cant handle that.

  • Charles

    I have both the 223 Rem and 308 Win. And absolutely love both of them. I read on the Remington site that the 223 has a 1:9 twist rate so man I had to have that! It stabilizes 62grain bullets beautifully! Both guns were .5 moa guns out of the box with Hornady ammo. The .223 has a best group of.34. So far. Don’t hesitate to pick one up.

  • mark

    Instructions indicate that you should not use military ball ammo (5.56) in the .223 Rem version of the SPS Tactical Rifle….will this rifle hold up to the higher pressure and longer lead of the 5.56 round if one were to make a mistake and use a 5.56 round?

  • Mike G.

    Last August i purchsed a Remington 700 sps tactical and am completely blown away by it! even using the intitial crap scope and crap ammmo, it fired under 1 inch in high winds at 100 yards! totally marvelous! The is one rifle i plan to hold on to for quite some time. I put in for a sniper position with my dept. and, if approved, this fine rifle will accompany me to school. i can only hope remington will keep this rifle on the shelf for many others to enjoy in years to come! keep up the great work!

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