The Remington 887 Nitro Mag Tactical from Remington is a 3½” chambered pump action shotgun that takes the "Big Green" into the 21st century.

The Remington 887 Nitro Mag Tactical from Remington is a 3½” chambered pump action shotgun that makes extensive use of modern polymers, and takes the “Big Green” into the 21st century. Shown equipped with a Vortex Optics SPARC Red Dot electronic sight.

When it comes to trends in tactical/self-defense firearms, there are some easily identifiable classics. The 1911. The Glock. The AR-15. These are but a few examples of designs that become synonymous with the duties for which they were developed. And, they earned their iconic reputations through a combination of good design, reliable functioning and irrefutable performance.

However, when it comes to the realm of pump action shotguns, few have reached the level of success of the revered Remington Model 870. First released in 1950, the simple, affordable and utterly reliable design went on to dominate not only the sporting realm but the law enforcement realm as well, with 12 gauge 870s locked into cruiser gun racks from coast to coast here in the United States.

With a history now spanning six decades, the Model 870 is no spring chicken. Is it still considered a frontline tactical shotgun platform? Undoubtedly. Is it still the first choice of many of those in the know? Assuredly. However, the technology of firearms manufacturing has changed a great deal in the many decades since the development of the first Model 870. At its heart, the 870 is an all-steel pump action shotgun designed in a different era.

remington-887-nitro-mag-tacticalbThe new 887 comes standard with an integrated barrel rib and a Picatinny optic rail, equipped here with a Vortex SPARC Red Dot.

A big part of the revolution in firearms design since the 870’s introduction revolves around the use of materials more modern than the walnut and steel so commonly employed in the earliest days of the 870. Just as the Glock popularized and legitimized the use of advanced polymers in handguns frames, several competitive models of shotguns on the market today have made extensive use of polymers in their design. The result is a wave of shotguns that are lightweight, weather resistant and highly affordable.

Although Remington may have a reputation for being a very traditional company with strong ties to its roots, it has definitely been showing that it can think outside the box, exemplified by advanced designs such as the ACR and the VTR variants of the Model 700. This innovative thinking has not been relegated to just the company’s rifle lines, but also recently applied to its tried-and-true pump action shotgun line.

Gun Details

The safety of the 887 is similarly configured to that of the 870, with a crossbolt button with a red ring at the rear of the triggerguard. Differing from the 870 is the action release lever, which on the 887  is located on the forward face of the triggerguard.

The safety of the 887 is similarly configured to that of the 870, with a crossbolt button with a red ring at the rear of the triggerguard. Differing from the 870 is the action release lever, which on the 887 is located on the forward face of the triggerguard.

The result of this effort is the Model 887 Nitro Mag Tactical, a 3½-inch chambered, 12 gauge pump action shotgun manufactured from cutting-edge materials that is as radical internally as it is externally. In fact, just one glance at the new 887 tells you that this shotgun is something different with racy angled lines along the stock, receiver and action, as well as the extensive use of polymers in its construction.

As soon as you pick up the 887 Nitro Mag Tactical, you can tell that it is radically different. First and foremost is its weight, tipping the scales at a feathery light 6.8 pounds. The source of this light weight is also related to the most truly unique quality of the shotgun — its “finish.”

The heart of the 887 is what Remington has dubbed ArmorLokt Technology, and it is the source of not only the shotgun’s light weight but also its claim to nearly unstopp-able hardiness. ArmorLokt is a layer of polymer that coats both the receiver and the 4140 steel cold hammer-forged smoothbore barrel. However, it would not do this shotgun justice to leave the description of these parts at that.

The receiver, no doubt aiding the shotgun in achieving its extremely light weight, features a skeletonized 1010 steel chassis that is infused with the ArmorLokt material, providing a weather-resistant tough receiver that not only is light but also resistant to scratches, chips or rust. To allow the use of such a radically designed receiver, the 887’s barrel employs a stressed-steel barrel extension into which the shotgun’s bolt directly locks.

The 4140 barrel is bonded with a matching ArmorLokt coating via an injection molding process that creates a tough, impenetrable exterior that not only resists the elements but also in theory helps dissipate barrel heat more quickly. Interestingly, the barrel sports a solid barrel rib along the top of its 18.5-inch barrel that is formed completely from the ArmorLokt material. The rib offers several advantages. In addition to helping mitigate the mirage effect from barrel heat as does a ventilated rib, the 887’s rib also features longitudinal grooves along its top surface that help break up sunlight for a better sight picture.

Topping off the muzzle end of the barrel is a removable HiViz green fiber optic front sight that picks up sunlight to provide the shooter with a bright green dot out front. Also of note at the muzzle is a Rem Choke-pattern choke tube system, with the 887 coming standard with an extended “Tactical Choke Tube.” This tube is configured in a “breacher” style with a serrated face and cylindrical ports around the circumference. The inner diameter of the choke is 0.782 of an inch, and the rear portion of its exterior features circumferential ribs that allow users to hand-tighten or unscrew the choke.

Rounding out the use of polymers in the 887 is the buttstock, forend and trigger plate (or what many would call the trigger housing). The bolt carrier assembly and magazine tube are not ArmorLokt, but rather feature a black oxide finish — as does the extended choke.

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  • R Ellis Novak

    I’ve put hundreds of rounds through this shotgun, various loads and lengths, and not once have I had a problem. It’s one of the easiest aiming weapons I’ve ever used too. Very underrated in my opinion.

    • q4dasouth334

      You’re right this is a very underrated gun but damn I wish that they had some after market parts.

  • Allen

    After coming from an H&R 870 clone I was shocked at how light the 887 Nitro Mag tactical is. Shouldering is comfortable; I’m 5’11” with pretty average length arms. Worth noting is that you’re getting about $100 worth of accessories straight on the gun from the factory. The HiViz sights are great; I had one on my H&R and loved it.
    The only negative is the forend can catch your finger/hand in a bad way when working it.
    I don’t know who’d ever want 3 1/2″ shells in a HD gun: too much kick, too much $$$ to practice with, for only marginal gains in takedown power over a 2 3/4″ shell.

  • Roger

    Bought one for my wife, she is retired LA and she loves it. I have never seen a smooth bore fire slugs so accurately. It was a little stiff out of the box but with a field strip and lube and some use it has become slick. She prefers it to her 870 and so do I. Great shotgun at any price. I am Canadian and had gone Italian for the past while. Not anymore, just picked up a versa max tactical and love it. America is back baby, watch out Bennelli!

  • Justin

    Over a year since my last post. No aftermarket parts yet?

  • Jamie Holland

    I bought two shotguns at same time. The Mossberg 500 tac version and this shotgun the 887. I now only have one. I love my 887 it is a beast. So smooth and just a sexy piece of hardware. No issues at all with mine and Ive shot all types and sized ammo.

  • Robin

    Bought mine and forgot to take it apart first and oil it. Had some minor feed issues until I took it home and took it apart, cleaned it and applied some Rem Oil. Now she is a beast, it will take any ammo and will shoot anything I put through her. This weapon gets noticed and people have went to buy one as soon as they saw mine. It just plain looks mean and aggressive. Its meant to be handled and shot hard. I’d advise anyone to buy one and see what I mean. Just make sure you oil it well before you take it to the range, they come from the factory with little to no oil. Hands down, its an absolute beast…..go get one!

  • Dustin

    I am looking for a 6 point stock or a pistol grip stock.

    I am also looking for a stock sling attachment.

    Please email me if you know where I can get aftermarket parts.

  • This morning I sold a stock 870 express I’d bought a few years ago because upgrading it to tacticool piece by piece just wouldn’t be affordable in lieu of finding one that already had most of what I wanted for a decent price. So today at Sportman’s I had them looking through their racks for a mossberg 590 I could play with when I spotted this.
    18 1/2″ barrel, magazine extension, barrel clamp with picatinny mount and sling stud, textured and grooved forend, fiber optic front sight, upper picatinny rail, recoil reducing stock, weather proof finish, breacher style choke on a solid and proven, American-made platform. This gun has everything I wanted on the 870 I sold and it would have cost just the price of the gun, if not more, if I’d gotten all these pieces separately…so I just bought this one and laughed the whole way home!

  • krizzle

    Ive owned my 887 nitro mag tactical for a few weeks now. Ive shot dozens of 2.75,3&3.5 inch shells with no double feeds,ftf or fte. I love the weight,finish and the looks on my friends faces. Cant find anything to complain about. Thank you remington. Maybe some people have had issues but mine is a reliable beast for under 500$.

  • Squirrel

    I also love my 887, but it was not always so. Right out of the box I had issues, when I pulled the pump back to eject the spent shell all my live rounds either spit out the ejection port, jammed with double/triple feeds, or fell out the bottom.

    I contacted Remington and was able to get the issue fixed. The following link has details:

    I now have zero issues with my 887.


  • Robby

    I love this shotgun. The feel is great, its comfortable and looks sweet. I have trouble finding aftermarket parts. I wanna put a holosight tactical light and pistol grip. But as far as shooting it goes. Shit i can shoot 3 1/2 inch magnum all day. But when i shoot my buddys 870 2 3/4 i can def feel the diffrence. If anybody finds any aftermarket parts email me

  • Ty

    I own the 887 Tactical, a West Virginia state police 870 Tactical, and the original Ithica deer slayer 12 guage. All of which have an 18.5 inch barrel, and the 887 is by far my favorite. I have an Osprey multi rectile red dot and a tactical strobe flashlight on it. I also have a tactical sling attached. This gun shoots so smooth and accurate. The new super cell recoil pad definitely does its job, because I can put hundreds of rounds through my 887 and feel nothing, but when I put 50 through my 870, I’m feeling it for sure. The armor lokt coating is wonderful. It keeps the barrel from getting hot, so after that hundred rounds, I can grab the barrel with no problems whatsoever. I love the slide on the 887 because it’s wide at the beginning and narrow towards the end. I have relatively small hands for a male and I have no issues at all pumping it at the widest point on the slide. I have seen multiple reviews on youtube that knock the 887, but in my personal experience, all of those negative reviews are shit. I can cycle between 2-3/4, 3, and 3-1/2 inch shells with extreme precision and think the guys on youtube who can’t, need to learn how to operate their weapon. I would recommend the 887 Tactical to anyone looking for a self defense, hunting, or sport shooting shotgun. I use mine for all of which I just listed. This previous year, I took down a 9 point buck with remington’s buckhammer slugs, went skeet shooting in my back yard with target load, and compete against my buddies with their non-887 shotguns, and I most always take the lead with my 887 Tactical. So my point here: buy the Remington 887 Tactical shotgun if you want a gun that gets the job done efficiently at a low price.

  • RedgeCole C

    Picked one up for Christmas put a Bushnell Red dot on it, haven’t used it for hunting yet, but did go too the Range. Great gun, kicks like a bitch but works fantastic. Can’t wait till hunting season next year. Hoping for some aftermarket stocks by then.

  • Justin

    I think the 887 nitromag tac is a beast of a shotgun. Looks good, shoots like a dream, very smooth. I own one and did a review on it, here’s the YouTube link:

    I’m having similiar problems finding aftermarket replacement parts. I would really like to get a pistol grip. I would also like to put a ghost ring sight, but I have no idea what is compatable. If anyone has any insight, please share. Thanks.

  • Killer Review! I just acquired one myself and it is the total package in my opinion…lots of bang for the buck! I wish they had more accessories for the 887 tactical online…not that it needs very much…would be nice if they had a large selection just for the 887. Not a issue though….it looks great right out of the box.

  • BimBam

    Hmmm, nothing about shooting or reliability, handling, real world-use, comfort, etc.

  • Great review Mike. This was the deal sealer on my decision to go with an 887 over a super nova. I am not taking sides, but (nothing against Italy) as a Canadian soldier, I have to buy american when they offer an equally solid weapon. This PA shotgun looks great and I cant wait to see where the aftermarket takes it!

  • Ryan

    I bought the 887 last weekend and took it to the farm and i’m telling you that this gun is no joke. I have the moss burg tactical shot gun and it has nothing on the 887. This gun is worth all the money