Report: Gangs still active in U.S. Military.

Despite efforts to stop them, criminal street gangs have been…

Despite efforts to stop them, criminal street gangs have been active inside the U.S. military. And, according to one recent report, the situation has gotten much worse.

In 2006, Jeffrey Stoleson, a sergeant in the Army Reserve then in Iraq, described an unbelievable scene to reporter Frank Main of the Chicago Sun-Times. Based on Stoleson’s account, and the many pictures he had taken, Main wrote: “In a storage yard in Taji, about 18 miles north of Baghdad, dozens of tanks were vandalized with painted gang signs…. Much of the graffiti was by Chicago based gangs,” according to Stoleson.

Since then, Congress has banned members of the military from being in street gangs, and the Defense Department put the ban in its rulebooks last November. But that hasn’t slowed down the apparent growth of gang activity inside the military. According to Stoleson and others, it has only gotten worse.

Stoleson, described by Main as a “Wisconsin corrections officer” when not serving as a sergeant with the National Guard, returned home from his latest tour in Iraq in January, where he worked with the Army to set up a prison facility near Baghdad. As before, he said the signs of gang activity were all around.

“I saw Maniac Latin Disciples graffiti out of Chicago,” he told Main. According to Main’s report, Stoleson also saw “a lot of graffiti for Texas and California gangs, as well as Mexican drug cartels.”

An unnamed Chicago Police officer, who Main says “retired from the regular Army and was recently on a tour of Afghanistan in the Army Reserve” echoed Stoleson’s comments. Noting that Bagram Air Base was covered in Chicago gang graffiti, the officer said the problem “seems bigger now.”

The Police officer, who described gang activity in the military as “scary,” told the Sun-Times that “he has arrested high-level gang members who have served in the military and kept the ‘infantryman’s bible’ — called the FM 7-8 — in their homes.” That book, Main notes, “describes how to run for cover [and] fire a weapon tactically.”

But gang members with military experience often have more to rely on than a printed “how-to” manual for warfare. “Gang members are coming home now with one or two tours,” Stoleson said. “Some were on the field of battle.”

Once back on the streets domestically, militarized gangsters can present an even greater threat to civilians and law-enforcement personnel.

A tragic and deadly example of the potential danger posed by militarized gang members is the ambush of police officers in Ceres, California, in 2005. Hoping to lure officers into his trap, at approximately 8 p.m. on January 9 of that year, Lance Corporal Andres Raya fired his assault rifle in front of a liquor store. Going inside the store, he told the clerk that he had just been shot at, and asked that the police be called. Raya then waited for the police to arrive. He then shot and killed police Sergeant Howard Stevenson, and seriously wounded officer Sam Ryno. Stevenson’s death, in particular, was essentially an execution. Having wounded the officer, Raya ran to him and ended his life with two shots in the back of the head.

Source: Dennis Behreandt for The New American.

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  • jsallen

    Hey Dipsh_ _, take a look at the dates in the above article. This problem started way before Obama was in office. Why don’t you read what you just wrote and tell me who’s the racist. And while you’re at it, why don’t you read up on who put us in Iraq and why. And then go listen to the 2003 State of the Union Address and then read how they knew there was no African yellow cake uranium connection and that the IAEA told them 3 weeks before the Address that the aluminum tubes were not the right type to be used for centrifuging uranium. Who should be sentenced for treason? Oh yeah and why didn’t W take the Taliban up on them shipping Bin Laden to another country to avoid invasion? And why did Rumsfeld leave the CIA and Special Forces hanging at Tora Bora when they had BL cornered? Sorry all our stuff is headed to Iraq. And the black panther poll watcher was just that a registered poll watcher in a majority black neighborhood and the Bush Administration (this is when this happened) already looked at it and said he was ok and not worth going after. The other guy was told not to attend anymore elections til 2012. And if you are worried about what Ah-ma-dinner-jacket is saying then the “terrists” have already got you.

  • im really having a hard time beleiving that people
    didnt see that comming. when selfish people in politics “like obama” give unlawful mexicans and
    others like them a chance to gain citizenship by
    serving in our armed forces for some acorns in their ballot box!

    this is just another reason obama and his cabinet
    should not get the benifet of impeachment,but instead be indited for the charge of treason,and
    then banned from politics forever!

    its time for all proud amricans to stand up to the domestic threat of the obama nightmare.

    its a verry well known fact that in the global
    scene obama is regarded as the biggest joke in american history,and many of americas sworn enemies like irans ahmadinejad has stated when asked where he thought bin ladden was he laughed,
    and said he heard he was in D.C.,and continued
    laughing with glee.

    thats not all, some cartell members and suporters
    share a common beileif that obama is on the cartells payrole thru his lack of border security
    and economic suport for mexican president calderon that is redistributed thru a corupt mexican goverment to the cartell in the form of U.S.currency, and in many cases guns with the help of corupt mexican goverment agents who have access to arms for the reason of fighting cartell.
    many people beleive its some of the same guns that
    are commonly cited as the U.S.guns that have illeagaly surrfaced in mexico.”the so called U.S.guns” that obama all but put there himself.

    and to add insult to injury allowing cartell millitants to be trained by our own military when infact as soon as he took office he passed laws that forbid many U.S. citizens from serving in our
    armed force’s when U.S.citizens needed the jobs the most.infact obama has told good american folks
    they couldnt serve for misdemeanors they may have
    commited,and opened the millitary up to unlawful mexicans and others who commited the felony of entering the country illeagaly,and now the military is presently being over run by gangs and
    cartell members.

    i think obama should learn acountability the same
    way so many people have.its called prison! for the charge of treason,and not just for the matter
    at hand take for instance,the black panthers at the polls in philly that infrienged on peoples civil rights when obama running for president and
    was being prosccuted by the justice department when eric holder ordered a stop to it.”treason!”

    and last but not least going behind americas back
    and saying sorry to every country that was opressed enough to listen for all the so called things america did to their people.”look obamma must be sorry for his actions,because the american people are responseable for feeding,clothing,educating,sheltering more people
    around the world then any nation in the world!

    so when you think of obama think of OPRESSION of americans,think of his RACIST cabinet,think of
    the CARTELL he works for… not americas,think of
    AHMADINEJAD laughing at us,think of america still
    without enough JOBS when he had the power to change it,and didnt and most of all when you think
    of obama think of “A PRISON SENTENCE FOR TREASON”