Report says USMC officially bans polymer magazines

Image: Polymer rifle magazines, preferred by many troops for…


Polymer rifle magazines, preferred by many troops for their durability, have been banned by the Marine Corps, according to a new administrative message published Monday. Effective immediately, only standard-issue 5.56mm metal magazines are approved, according to the message, signed by Lt. Gen. Richard Mills, the Marine Corps’ deputy commandant for combat development and integration.

Marine officials began ad hoc bans on polymer magazines last year, citing concerns over their lack of compatibility with select weapons. The new message from Mills, who doubles as the commanding general of Marine Corps Combat Development Command, makes the ban official across the force.

Read the rest of James Sanborne’s report at Marine Corps Times.

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  • Jeff

    More for me then.

  • Destro

    PMAGs don’t fit into a lean DOD landscape, and based on their issues rightfully so

  • LOL at ‘Marine’. Thanks for touting your opinion as fact.

  • TC

    This is typical of the services. Some administrative bureaucratic making decision based on no practical real world experience. The warriors that go into harms way are overlooked for knowledge. Some fat ass general is probably getting a kick back.

  • You must be correct… The Marine Corps doesn’t fairly evaluate weapons equipment based on facts (such as doesn’t fit in the magwell of the IAR being fielded at the fire-team level)… They also don’t defend the honor of their former CO’s whom they’ve served with and know to be honorable men (back then Col Mills was my MEU Commander). I like the PMAG too but it has some shortcomings. Thanks for your opinion. I’ll take the facts.
    I’ve got to get some sleep. Our men have to take down a target in a few hours…
    Semper Fi and go vent somewhere else.

  • Freddie Mac

    Figures, ban the shit that works. Everyone knows the USGI mags are crap. They rattle, the feed lips bend, they don’t handle sand or dirt well, the followers suck, etc. Pmags, tapco, etc are far superior to the USGI mags. Seems some manufacturering company somewhere has a general in their pocket.