Rescue Essentials introduces tactical, made to order medical kits.

Rescue Essentials, the online division of Carey & Company Ltd.,…

Rescue Essentials, the online division of Carey & Company Ltd., has introduced a new line of Casualty Response and Tactical First Response kits to serve the needs of the law enforcement and tactical communities.

The new Casualty Response Kits comprise a line of eight kits packaged in resealable poly-nylon bags, ranging from a minor wound treatment kit for under $12 to a TCCC-Compliant Tactical Medic Kit for $110. The Tactical First Response kits are vacuum-packed, single use kits designed to fit in a cargo pocket or molle pouch, and are intended to be kept where it is needed most – on the person.

All kits in this line feature top-of-the-line components, yet are less expensive than comparable products now on the market. Most important to many prospective clients, Rescue Essentials produces custom variants of all of these kits designed to meet the unique requirements of specific customers.

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