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Revision Military, the world leader in combat eye protection solutions,…

Revision Military, the world leader in combat eye protection solutions, announced the launch of its Batlskin Modular Head Protection System (MHPS) this September. Leading the fight against battlefield injuries, Revision’s Batlskin solution uniquely addresses the soldier’s need for a single, integrated head protection system that’s scalable and adaptable to the multidimensional nature of modern warfare.

More specifically, the Batlskin System enables the soldier, for example, to “up armor” from a basic shell, liner and harness in most situations, to a helmet and visor configuration useful during high risk activities such as route clearance, and to a complete helmet, visor and mandible guard system during breaching, cupola, or similar combat operations. This allows the Warfighter to adopt the perfect balance between enhanced protection and the lethality delivered by a lightweight ergonomic combat helmet.

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  • josh

    1) so where do my NVGs go?
    2) imagine the fog up on that lens
    3)how do you hydrate without removing everything?

    style before substance…not in this case

  • Don

    Nice in concept, but if you’re in combat trying to communicate through that chin guard no one is going to understand you.

  • guest


  • Mr.Pimms

    where the jaw piece meets your cheek….like on a stock of a rifle where your cheek rests

  • CBec

    Cheek Weld??????????????????????