Want a top-tier AR carbine ideal for LE use at…

Want a top-tier AR carbine ideal for LE use at a surprisingly reasonable price point? Then take a look at the new TRR15A3 from RGuns—one beautiful, M4-style rifle. A green-hued Olive Drab finish and several Magpul Flat Dark Earth accessories—it all comes together with the TRR15A3. The rifle comes flat-topped with open sights and a rail.


The carbine comes standard with Magpul enhancements such as an MOE handguard, 20-round PMAG, flared-out triggerguard, six-position collapsible buttstock, flip-up rear sight and pistol grip (including much more). Additional enhancements include a spiral twist on the exterior of the barrel, which RGuns calls their “Twister” series.


To read more about this rifle and how it performed, keep an eye out for a full review in the September 2012 issue of Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement magazine. For more information, visit rguns.net or call 847-428-3569.


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  • Shawn Zimmerman

    Speaking from personal experience the Rguns product line is definatley top quality.