RIBZ Front Pack

The RIBZ Front Pack is an innovative new complement to…

The RIBZ Front Pack is an innovative new complement to or substitute for a backpack, the perfect solution for anyone in a survival, outdoors or tactical setting who wants essential gear in a fast and easy to reach location. Capable of carrying more than 600 cubic inches of gear (smaller 400 cubic inch model also available), RIBZ fits comfortably and securely around the user’s ribcage, positioning the contents so that they do not impede torso or arm movement and can be accessed from the front.



Comfortable enough to even be worn in a vehicle or plane, not to mention any outdoors setting. Heavy duty but also lightweight, the RIBZ Front Pack is made from 210D waterproof ripstop nylon and weights 11 oz (18 oz. water resistant 600D nylon also available). When used with a backpack, RIBZ allows important items to be moved forward to a readily accessible location, allows a greater quantity of items to be carried and repositions weight to decrease backpack size and increase comfort, balance and mobility.


Four external zippered pockets, and four additional internal pockets provide plenty of storage options. The shoulder straps of the RIBZ pack are extra-wide, heavy-duty nylon, designed to evenly distribute the weight, yet remain comfortable when wearing with an additional backpack. The back of the RIBZ pack consists of two adjustable velcro straps which will not bunch up or sag when wearing the RIBZ with a backpack.

Available in camo, blaze orange or black. $64.95, ribzwear.com

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  • Jim Dodd

    got his tactical grimace going too…

  • Charlie Esperson

    Ir’s a simple design but ridiculous how much it works. Always good to have your gear where you can get it quick but the fact that this works with any backpack I’ve got is very transitional. Defintely very funtional all the way around and you can get a lot of use out of it.

  • the dude with the black hair looks like a total tool…