Tactical Life’s Takedown Rifle: It’s Not Made by Us

A video released last week shows a new Takedown Rifle from a company called 'Tactical Life Firearms' — naturally, confusion ensued.

The Internet has been abuzz since last week talking about a new Takedown Rifle from … Tactical Life?

There might be some confusion, as we here at Tactical-Life.com are not responsible for the awesome creation — although we appreciate the praise on social media. No, the builders of the magnificent rifle can be found over at TacticalLife.net.

The video (posted above) went viral last week and we received numerous messages about it. Tactical Life Firearms updated its Facebook page with the following post:

“We are doing our best to answer questions on our takedown rifle. We will have more info on pricing and availability very soon. Thank you for your patience and interest!”

Again, for more please visit TacticalLife.net — hopefully that clears up any confusion.

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