ROGUE M1A BULLPUP 7.62mm (with video)

Juggernaut Tactical’s Rogue system turns a standard M1A rifle into…

Juggernaut Tactical’s Rogue system turns a standard M1A rifle into a close-quarters weapon, providing an incredibly short overall package with a simple drop in design—shown here with a U.S. Optics SN-4S scope and GG&G bipod.

The M14 still serves an important role, in the military and even the police world. The platform is proven in the field, accurate, reliable and remains one of the best choices in a 7.62x51mm tactical rifle. It is the personal choice of many professionals, which is why the military and many law enforcement departments still issue them.

Available to police agencies on a government surplus program, an law enforcement agency can acquire them on loan from the federal government. As the new M110 rifle is fielded by the U.S. military, these rifles are becoming more available to agencies again. It gives those agencies requiring something bigger than a 5.56mm as an affordable alternative. Like the venerable 1911 pistol, the M14 platform is simple, reliable and proven in all conditions. They operate dirty, wet, muddy, and tuned properly they can be incredibly accurate. Another option is the excellent Springfield Armory M1A, a semi-automatic variant of the revered M14 weapon system.

With no need to alter the gas system or even remove the flash suppressor, it is a simple drop-in design where everything lines up nicely.

In fact, the M1A has proven to be quite popular in the LE tactical community today. They are in comparison, a bit heavier than a 5.56mm, and given the use of a standard stock, a bit less “tactical.” There are a few stocks out there that accommodate an M16-style stock and some that fold or collapse, but they also have their issues. As a rule they make a heavy gun even heavier, and they can require a gunsmith to install. Having fielded them all, running one in a CQB environment is not for the faint of heart. Compared to a short M16 or equivalent, it is downright hard work.

Even with a trigger bar the Rogue’s trigger was solid, crisp and added no creep. The wide shoe and straight-back pull allowed for excellent trigger control.

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  • I recently picked up a Gen II Rogue bullpupp conversion kit and installed my CQB-16 type SEI in it. The new kit is about a pound lighter than the 1st generation kit, and it is more refined. I do wish the manufacturer would find a way to trim another two pounds of fat, but I think I can live with the Gen II kit for now.

  • H2O MAN

    Keyboard commando m14 desert warrior is a shill for JTactical. He has trolled the web spewing his propaganda for more than a year, he also spreads lies & half truths about me. This video shows how difficult mag changes can be, even for the designer of the conversion kit

    Yes, I owned three Rogue kits and I sold all of them.

  • m14 desert warrior

    H20man has been trolling Juggernaut for over a year now…….spreading his lies and half truths. The Rogue is truly a master piece and now is being used in Afghanistan. I have just purchased my Third Rouge ( yes, 3 of them!) The chassis weights 5.1 pounds, fitted in my SOCOM 16 it weights in at 10.5 lbs total. Me and the Marines and Special Forces guys that have used this in the sand box, Love it. It is leaps and bounds better than anything out there….Including the SAGE EBR! Take it from a Warrior, not the keyboard commando that got fired and has his butt hurt. This video debunks all of his propaganda.

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  • Check out this UPDATED review of the Rogue M1A bullpup conversion kit, it included both 1st and 2nd generation kits.

  • What does it weigh?

    The basic kit weighs just over 6 pounds… that’s before you install a barreled action and accessories.
    A complete Scout barreled action weighs just under 6 pounds… a naked Rogue will weigh 12 pounds and it only gets heavier from that point.

  • Well, it’s been fun, but I no longer have a bullpup M14… I have removed the action and accessories, all but the scope and
    rings have been set aside for possible use on the new M14.CA Blackfeather Rifle Stock that’s heading my way from Canada.

    I sold my modified #1Rogue stock to a friend here in Georgia yesterday… he will continue the evolution that I started.

    H2O out.

  • Just last night Dino Brunetti the National Sales Director for JUGGERNAUT TACTICAL,INC. reluctantly admitted to me that JTac sales have sky rocketed and it’s all due to my spreading the good word online with my positive reviews, detailed pictures, honest evaluations and practical modifications. It seems that I do a much better job of marketing their product than they have…Understand that I receive no compensation from JTac for my hard work – nothing, but it is good to know my work is appreciated by the consumer.

  • My Rogue bullpup conversion with a new X-14 50 round drum mag from Xs Products.

  • I found this on another forum and thought it was pretty funny 🙂

  • I agree, let’s keep it civil.

    I have tried JTac’s new 2″ recoil pad extension with the built-in mono pod rail. It is rock solid and an excellent upgrade for those that plan to shoot from the prone position or a bench. Nice work Zack!


    Ok everyone. We don’t want to turn off commenting on this page so please let’s keep this civil.

  • Broken Sailor is nothing more than a keyboard commando……

  • Afghan Rainmaker

    Don’t worry, everyone knows a keyboard commando when they see one. Thank God for David Bahde(tactical Life) and his non-biased reviews………He is truly an Professional Operator, with integrity to get us other operators the correct info we need.

  • M14Desert Warrior

    This is an interesting read………Sound like there are two sides to every story

  • I have read that JTac is coming out with recoil pad spacers. Maybe they will send me some samples to try out.

  • Interesting – Capt. Nick has informed me that he did not sell a single Rogue stock in 2011… more evidence that M14Desert Warrior is spamming and trolling one again.

  • M14Desert Warrior

    Frankie, these guys have them in stock! tell them Desert Warrior sent you!

  • frankie

    where are you buying this? especially for $899 on sale?

  • M14Desert Warrior

    Took My Rogue to the range today…….sub MOA groups, perfectly balanced. I could never say that about My EBR or my friends Troy MCS…………..Now I’m going to break it down with no tools and clean it. I LOVE THIS STOCK!!!!!

  • Afghan Rainmaker

    Great article… Got my Rogue last week… I carried the M14 EMR in combat, but the Rogue blows it away on so many levels. I will be putting my Sage EBR and Troy MCS on E-bay, I will be ordering my second Rogue and I’ll never look back.

  • I think every true M14 enthusiast should own a bullpup conversion, but as nice as it is, it won’t be replacing any of my SAGE EBRs.

  • M14Desert Warrior

    Just got my Rogue in from Bellum Tactical……fast, fast service…..Simply the best product i’ve seen in a very long time. This thing blows away my Sage EBR.

  • That is a smoking deal… I see Capt. Nick has the same deal available over on

  • M14Desert Warrior

    Looks like the Rogue is on sale until Xmas……899.00 with charging handle….Holy smoke!

  • Combat Arms

    Taking a non-bullpup rifle and turning it into a pullpup may look good on paper but never turn out to be worth it. the M-14/M1a is a great rifle as is. The Sage EBR is in my opinion the best combat stock out there for this rifle. H2O MAN, I do beleive even the shooters on “Sniper’s hide” told you the same thing, when you tried selling this there as the unoffical spokesman.

  • If you decide to purchase a Rogue chassis stock from JTac’s web site, please mention H2O MAN.

  • Richard, I had the CQB-16 that SEI had built for me earlier this year in my Rogue chassis, but I replaced it with my 18.0″ MK14 Mod 1 action. I did this so that I exceeded federal laws covering minimum length and no longer being a little too short. Better safe than sorry.

  • IMHO, the 18.0″ and 18.5″ Bush, MK14 and Scout actions are the ideal length for the bullpup conversion chassis meant for general purpose use. The full length 22.0″ barreled action is ideal for GP and long range use.
    If you decide to purchase a Rogue chassis stock from JTac’s web site, please mention H2O MAN.

  • Richard

    How work with springfeild scom m 1a???