Rogue Warrior Duffel Vest Conversion Bag (DVCB)

-Hidden small arms pouch. -4 exterior medical pouches with two…

-Hidden small arms pouch.

-4 exterior medical pouches with two grab handles, two D-ring hooks for optional shoulder strap.

-Quick center zipper exposing interior ballistic vest

– Adjustable straps, rifle butt stop and hidden LED lights in shoulders


One can carry this gym like a duffel bag and in less than 10 seconds, unzip, pull out the interior (In this case, Level II ballistic vest) and their ready to rock-n-roll. Cool LED lights are stitched into each shoulder so in a low light situation the operator just slaps their shoulder and it turns on pointing in the direction of the extended arm holding a gun.

An additional hidden front pouch is large enough to house a full size sidearm two clips and small first aid kit. The duffel bag can either be used as a backpack to carry additional items or it can be compressed and zipped closed.For more information click over to or email

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  • Gary Preston

    I bought an Interceptor Watch from Rogue Warrior, had to return it and put my old address on the return label by mistake, Jim at Rogue Warrior pulled out all the stops to see that my watch was returned to me, a young lady in their office even did a tracking number search for me, these guys are awesome!!! I will continue to do business with them, I got my watch back and it works great looks great and feels great on my wrist!!

  • Jim

    DVCB Bags should be available August.

    Rogue Warrior Brand

  • Rizvend

    Is this available yet? Where can this be purchased?