Royal Navy encircles Somali pirates, NATO Anti-Piracy efforts prove effective

The rise of pirate attacks off the coast of Somalia…

somali-pirates-surrender.gifThe rise of pirate attacks off the coast of Somalia has caused an increase in protective efforts led by NATO that finally resulted in a victory against rogue ships. Britain’s Royal Navy successfully repelled a pirate attack off the coast of Yemen Tuesday, killing two pirates before the Yemeni vessel surrendered to the British naval ships that encircled them.

[ Via BBC News ]

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  • frank kisch

    If they the pirates are attacking a ship, then you have to attack and kill them, or you will never solve the problam, releasing them, or when they throw there weapons over board, lack of evidence, and leting them go dosen’t work. If every pirate that takes to sea dosen’t come back because ships have weapons to detor attack then we will win the battle. Kill all pirates so they cannot get aboard ship. Take no prisoners