RRA LAR-8 Mid-Length A4 .308

I’VE been impressed with Rock River Arms products since I…


I’VE been impressed with Rock River Arms products since I first tried them. I have been particularly impressed with their law enforcement division. Although I’ve been using a RRA Tactical 1911 with a rail for some time now, I have purposely waited to get a RRA rifle because I wanted one of the LAR-8 .308 carbines. I’ve had mine now for a couple of months and have done quite a bit of shooting with it. I’m happy to say my wait was worthwhile and the carbine measures up to my expectations.

rra2.gifI’ve seen two main problems that can occur when making an AR-type .308. The first is keeping the rifle or carbine light enough and short enough overall that it remains fast handling. The second is magazines, which if proprietary, can be quite expensive.

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I’m happy to say that RRA has dealt with both issues well. The A4 carbine weighs 8.1 pounds and is 38 inches overall with stock completely deployed and 35 inches when collapsed. The stock, by the way, is a 6-position CAR-type. Obviously, it’s not quite as handy as a standard M4 carbine, but how often does one see a standard M4 these days? I’ve seen quite a few rifles with so many accessories that they actually weigh more than this .308 carbine. In fact, to keep weight down, I specifically decided that the only thing I would add to the RRA was a tactical optical sight.

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  • spatin

    Sure wish I could get that LAR8 with an 18″ barrel.

  • Jim Wasneechak

    To Doug and Skip, I’d be more than interested in taking you’re lar-8’s off your hands.

  • Skip M

    First time out with the LAR-8 and will not feed.
    Called RRA to send me some new mags and they said sorry, you got to send in the rifle. I agree with Doug, this rifle sucks, very bad first impression of RRA and the RRA customer service. Anyone want to buy a brand new rifle?

  • Jonathan W

    I Purchased the RRA LAR-8 Elite Operator, As soon as I got it I went and put a 20 round mag into it and could not be any happier. this weapon is top notch and cant wait to get it back to the range in a few days.

  • Barton

    Hey Doug,dont give up on your RRA, I bought mine a year or so ago and have had not one issue with my rifle,I also bought the LAR-.308 midlength and I love it,stupid question but were you using reloads when she stopped ejecting? so far I have used winchester and herters ammo and not a single problem,I am very sure RR will take care of it if there is a problem,they are super helpful out there good luck Doug

  • Doug C

    Just bought new lar-8 mid length carbine. Took it to the range for the first time and fired 5 rounds through it and them game over. Would not eject rounds anymore after that. Had to return to manufacturer, won’t have it for 3 weeks now. My first impression is the gun sucks!