Ruger American Rifle Series SHOT Show 2015
Ruger Expands Its American Rifle Series in 2015

Ruger Expands Its American Rifle Series in 2015

The lightweight, affordable, tack-driving Ruger American returns as a scoped package and in two new Predator and Ranch variants!

A few years ago, Ruger released its American rifle, a simple, easy-to-use bolt-action rifle that offered plenty of precision at a very affordable price. Now Ruger has expanded its American rifle series to include a few more offerings for today’s hunters, shooters and law enforcement officers.

First, Ruger is now offering the American in a package with the Redfield Revolution scope—all for just $699. The rifle features a matte black composite stock, a recoil-absorbing buttpad, Ruger’s Marksman adjustable trigger, a full-diameter bolt, Ruger’s innovative Power Bedding system, a tang safety and a 22-inch, cold-hammer-forged barrel. Ruger offers the American in several chamberings, including .22-250 Remington, .223 Remington, .243 Winchester, .270 Winchester, 7mm-08 Remington, .30-06 Springfield and .308 Winchester.

The new Predator variant features a threaded barrel with a heavier contour and a moss green composite stock. It’s available in all of the popular varmint calibers as well as the 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Winchester. It also features a Picatinny rail for mounting a scope. The Ranch rifle, with its Flat Dark Earth composite stock contrasting the matte black barrel and action, features a threaded, heavy-contour, 16-inch barrel in either 5.56mm NATO or 300 Blackout.

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