The Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle is a departure from any…

The Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle is a departure from any previous Ruger bolt-action rifle with a flash suppressor, military type sights, a forward scope rail, detachable box mag and much more. Shown here with a Burris 2.75x Scout Scope.

The concept of the scout rifle was originally conceived by Colonel Jeff Cooper over 30 years ago. Cooper, one of the world’s foremost small arms experts, envisioned a multi-purpose rifle that could serve equally well as a hunting or defensive instrument. Drawing on his considerable experience as a hunter and rifleman, Cooper weighed the merits of classic arms such as the Mannlicher-Schonauer M1903 and the Winchester M94 and began to envision what a modern scout rifle might look like. Both physical and performance criteria were established and a number of different prototypes were built to Cooper’s specifications.

Until fairly recently, rifle enthusiasts searching for a rifle that fit Cooper’s very specific requirements were faced with the prospect of spending a good amount of money on a rifle that was suitable, be it a custom or production variant. And these options would fulfill the role admirably of a single rifle that could serve multiple roles (hunting, self defense, etc.), but not on a relatively tight budget.

The Ruger features an “Accurate Sighting System” with a ghost ring rear aperture sight (shown) and a protected, non-glare post-front sight.

This year, Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc., has introduced their version of the scout rifle, which, I predict, will put this concept on the fast track. Based on Ruger’s popular M77 bolt-action, the Gunsite Scout Rifle embodies a number of highly desirable features in a lightweight, compact package that is ideal for the LEO looking for a light and handy yet powerful patrol bolt gun.
Truth be told, I was more than a little skeptical about the whole scout concept early on.

The Mauser-type controlled round feed extractor system features a fixed blade-type ejector that positively ejects the empty cases.

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  • Larry

    I just got my scout and so far quite happy with it. But just found the 5r Mag after sending an email —-Why to Gun Mfg put such a premiun on some necessary acessories. $50-60 bucks buys a few boxes of ammo, which one buys the Rifle for.

    Ruger how about reducing price on those 5 round mags to around $29.99 and if you have a 3 round $19.99. Paid enough for the Rifles now wanta stick it to us for extra mags. NOT A SMART MARKETING STRATEGY.

  • Jack Furrr

    Having been a Staff Instructor for Mr. & Mrs. Cooper for many years…..API (Orange Gunsite) and understanding Col. Coopers vision of the Scout Rifle concept, I can say that the Ruger Scout falls short of the mark.

  • JOE

    I’ve been teething this rifle for a couple months now. It’s got problems. The most idiotic oversight in it’s design is the lack of top loading mags. Half the benefit of a foward mounted sight was intended to leave the receiver open for fast loading, but not so with this thing. You have to remove the magazine to add rounds. The expensive mags feed well but have the same feed lip flaw of old AR mags. open back lips make it easy to tilt and jam the rim past the back of the mag, causing an annoying hang-up. The iron sights are for looks only period! Once the file work is done and the factory’s hastily overlooked burrs are removed, the sights can be aesthetically pleasing but will never give better than minute of Man groups past 200yds. The bolt is smooth but the action is sand paper raspy. Going to try a leupold scope to see if this rifle can be salvaged, but so far, Ruger’s lack of resonse in my inquiries has them circling the drain with me.

  • Ed Sumerdon

    I love just about everything with this rifle. Ruger has it for us left-hand folks. That was a big plus for me. The only thing that just irks me is the stock. Give me some options other than the wood look. Whether it be dessert or forest or even mossy oak. Give it a little variety. It is a bit pricey for a bolt-action, but overall, I do like what I see.

  • I just bought the ruger gunsite scout rifle 308.I bought it after work last nite,I was lucky enough at the gunstore Igot it at that he had three two the normal dismall ruger wooden furniture and an od green one.No competition od green all the way!I haven’t spit any lead down range yet today because of an open house,but you can bet when im done it’s gonna get one hell of a work out.Very similar to the almighty m-14 but bolt action,which in my book mean’s superb down range action,typical ruger muzzlebrake,military type sight’s.It’s got great forward scope mount i dropped some seriuos cash on a u.s. optic’s but in the long run I think I’ll get my money’s worth.Im gonna try running a new load through this,that new hornady 308.subsonic see how it work’s out.I paid a grand for the gun thirty for the blackhawk sling 800 hundred for the scope all in all not next project is going to include alot of 22s Im gonna buy 22 rifle’s that look feed and act the same way as their bigger brother’s the 223 and 7.62×39 and 5.45.Starting out with the cmmg magpul moe edition,then smith and wesson magpul moe,Issc austria mk22 after the fn scar the umarex h&K MP5 CLONE then the umarex colt.Plus american tactical import’s 1911 45 and mp5sd.All dressed up in eotech and aimpoint crimson trace blackhawk,my money is on the Issc mk22 and the smith&wesson magpul moe edition I already own them and have yet to be let down.