Ruger NRA Mini-14 .223

Timing-wise, Ruger’s new-for-2008 limited edition NRA Mini-14 is an excellent…

ruger.gifTiming-wise, Ruger’s new-for-2008 limited edition NRA Mini-14 is an excellent choice to review. A totally new Mini variation, it’s a first for Ruger in producing a “civilian” model with a short 16-inch barrel. Developed in conjunction with the National Rifle Association, Ruger will donate a set amount from each sale to the NRA’s Institute For Legislative Action to help support efforts to protect our Second Amendment rights.

Gun Details
The NRA Mini-14 is a very handy configuration for law enforcement use; the shorter barrel works tight spaces better than the longtime standard 18.5-inch versions; the tacky pebble-grained Hogue OverMolded black synthetic stock with gold NRA medallion at the bottom of the pistol grip stays grippy wet or dry; the rubber recoil pad will not slide around on nylon duty jackets, and the “blackout” profile of the dark stock and blued steel should not stand out in places where brown wood or stainless steel might.

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  • steven j blickley

    Please remove all steve blickley blogs he died yesterday

  • Steve Blickley

    WTSHTF the Ruger Mini14 NRA is a rifle to put your trust in.

    • Old Army

      After all these years I still love my sub MOA Mini 14 NRA more than in 2008 when I swapped it for my milling machine. Last year I bought my son a Mini14 Tactical and we put a rubber coated stock like my mini NRA came with and My son loves it and is not waiting for me to die anymore to get mine. My grandson will now get it when I kick the bucket. My son has a nice rifle but not quite as accurate as my NRA. Steve Blickley

  • Steve Blickley

    If you can find a mini14 NRA buy it and enjoy. Mine was sub moa out of the box with a reddot and having it zeroed in. If you can find one buy it
    and own the best .233 5.56 carbine Ruger ever made.

  • Frank S.

    Bought mine new last Feb on sale for $710, put a Nikon Pro-Staff 4x scope and sighted in at 50 yrds. 6 shots and I went out to 100 with 1″ groups to start. Had some jams with the first 100. Back a couple weeks later, ran 300 through it without fail. The Hogue over-mold is warm and sure in all weather and the groups tightened up after a little break-in period. Great gun and found that Mag Tech 30 rd mags work without a problem, usually about $20 vs $35-$40 for the 20 rd. stock mags (if you can find them). All said, need to get out to the range and see what it can do at 200+, otherwise it’s a very functional, solid carbine. If you have a chance to get one, I wouldn’t hesitate.

  • Steve Blickley

    Got my Nra in a trade to with a gunsmith that wanted a milling machine I couldn’t sell.
    He gave me a choice and luckily I grabbed a NRA Mini14.
    This little rife shot sub moa after the scope was zeroed in. That is an out of the box rifle + scope
    was shooting as well or better than most M16’s.
    I just added a new Ruger Strikeforse kit for it, and it might get the respect of the bad folk in the innercity neighborhood without a shot. It is an impressice littlt rifle and I loce it. Now the wife wants one too, at 65 she still likes to make noise and break things, along with staying alive in our drug infested neighborhood. The doubters and AR driven folk need to take an NRA for a test ride. Ruger is under new managment the last 7 or 8 years and cleaned house. All new computer controlled machines and close tolerances that make a 1st class rifle. also changed the gas system and added a heavy tapered barrel 16.25″
    A whole new creation with 2 20 round mags in the box.

    • Oldarmy

      I upgraded my NRA with a UltiMAK aluminum pic rail to replace the hand guard. That opened the world of optics for me, as it is stable and takes many types of optics. I live in the city so the TRUEGLOW tactical red/green dot is perfect for me. The TG8380BN is the best sight I have used yet. A 1 MOA sight does me well and aquires targets fast in the up front position.
      Steve Blickley

      • Steve Blickley

        The Ultimak Is the lowest mounted pic rail you can buy for the mini14 NRA attached to the barrel on both ends, and made of an aircraft aluminum billet. You do a tear down to clean without removing it.
        Steve Blickley

        • steven j blickley

          I tried to explain my remarks about my Mini14 NRA but as I have no site I am not allowed to explain why my mixture of fiction and true accounts of my experience with myMini14NRA that is registered at Sturm Ruger. I hope some shooters who can’t afford a Quality AR15 might try out a mini14 ranch 16″ barrel sold today at an affordable price.