RUGER SR-22 Rifle

The new Ruger SR-22 is an autoloading, rimfire rifle that…


The new Ruger SR-22 is an autoloading, rimfire rifle that combines the legendary reliability of the Ruger 10/22 with the ergonomics and configurability of the new AR-style Ruger SR-556. The new SR-22 Rifle allows shooters to use economical .22 LR ammunition, while still enjoying the look and feel of an “AR” and experiencing the reliability they have come to appreciate from Ruger.

Because it utilizes the unique rotary magazine supplied with the Ruger 10/22, the SR-22 Rifle offers the same gold standard for reliability in autoloading rimfire rifles. Like the 10/22, the AR-style SR-22 Rifle also has an extensive array of accessories available, allowing shooters to select a custom configuration that best suits their tastes and needs.

The SR-22 Rifle uses a standard 10/22 action inside a top-quality, all-aluminum chassis that faithfully replicates the AR-platform dimensions between the sighting plane, buttstock height, and grip. The SR-22 Rifle provides a Picatinny rail optic mount, and includes a six-position, telescoping M4-style buttstock (on a Mil-Spec diameter tube), plus a Hogue® Monogrip® pistol grip. Buttstocks and grips may be swapped out for any AR-style compatible option.

The SR-22 Rifle also features a round, mid-length handguard mounted on a standard-thread AR-style barrel nut.  Picatinny rails, specifically designed for this handguard, are available from Ruger, allowing the handguard to be configured to accept any number of rail-mounted sights or accessories.  A barrel support block is installed in the handguard, ensuring accuracy and allowing the standard 10/22 V-block barrel attachment system to be used.

The SR-22 Rifle is equipped with a precision-rifled, cold hammer forged alloy steel barrel. The 16-1/8” barrel is capped with an SR-556/Mini-14 flash suppressor mounted with a ½”-28 thread.

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  • Derek B

    please e-mail me upgrades i can do for my sr-22 would like to buy a few things but don’t know where to get them

  • vern

    I love mine.
    The 10-22 has always been a super weapon.
    This just ices the cake superbly!!!

    I found it slightly used at a recent gun show where I was looking for a .22lr colt or S&W tactical style rifle.

    Ruger quality is vastly better considering this thing is a gussied up 10-22 on steroids!!

    I’m a sucker for good optics.
    My SR-22 is proudly wearing a GI surplus Aimpoint CompM4.
    Ya, the optics are worth more than the Ruger, but why not???
    “Gun Control” is hitting that at which you aim and the Genuine US mil CompM4 is more that up to the challenge. 50,000 hours on a AA battery!

    Thank you Ruger.

    A winner

  • Jerry

    I just bought my Ruger SR22 last week. I love it. I put a Centerpoint lighted reticle 5-100/4-16 scope on it. I can hit grapefruit size targets at 100 yards. Not bad for a 22.

  • matt

    Hi. I live in Newfoundland Canada and was wondering if you would have any problems with canadian customs by sending me accessories for my ruger sr 22? I would love to get some accessories! I know that the sr 22 was held up at canadian customs for a while because they were considered a restricted fire arm. Thanks for any info!!

  • Steve Gadsden

    I paid $425 for a new one was this a good deal?

  • sambo

    I’m having a heck of a time removing the barrel. Any suggestion lads?

  • Gentlemen, I have just started a new company that has accessories for the Ruger SR-22 Rifle. Sure would like to tell you a little about what we can do for the SR-22. If you are interested, my E-Mail is
    Larry R.Salsman Sr.

  • RobK

    Great gun , and it comes apart VERY easy , and if your taking the top sight rail off , there is NO need to do that . Two screws to remover the forearm and the take down screw to remove the action and barrel . it all comes straight up and out .very easy .

  • marine maniac

    Amen brother! I just went and put one of these sr-22’s on layaway. Getting it in two weeks. HOORAA! I’ll let you know when I get it and how it turns out. Peace Brother.

  • Great. Weapon. Very accurate. Very reliable,enjoy your 1st ,d. 2nd .endent rights, as a former officer. I 4alute all the. Veterans

  • Gentlemen this ruger sr 22 is an outstanding weapon. The hard cold steel barrel works flawlessly. It is precise . I used a 5mm. Green laser a red dot scope and a hell fire light to become more stealth. It will function well with cci mini mags, winchester x and other similar amo. First time out I used. 1, 5oo rounds without a hitch. :). As a support rifle to my brother marines well…move up to the ruger’ new 223 tatical___ a bit pricy but, what is your life worth with the. Taliban or. Al queda right? Stay well++++ semper fi