The new Ruger® SR-556 autoloading rifle is an innovative two-stage…

The new Ruger® SR-556 autoloading rifle is an innovative two-stage piston driven rifle.  The SR-556 offers Ruger’s reliable ruggedness, redefining the AR platform with piston driven performance. The piston driven SR-556 runs cleaner, cooler, and is easier to maintain than gas driven rifles, offering significantly improved reliability.

The patent pending two-stage piston driven operating system in the Ruger SR-556 provides a smooth power delivery stroke to the action and vents combustion residue out of the bottom of the gas block. The four-position adjustable gas regulator allows the operator to tune the rifle to specific ammunition and rifle conditions, minimizing recoil and maximizing reliability and long-term endurance.  Reliability is further enhanced by a one-piece bolt carrier with an integral transfer key.

Designed for long-lasting accuracy, the heavy contour, 16-1/8” chrome lined barrel is cold hammer forged from Mil-Spec 41V45 Chrome-Moly-Vanadium Steel. The barrel has a 1:9 twist rate and is capped with an AC-556 flash suppressor. Chambered in 5.56mm NATO, the Ruger SR-556 also fires .223 Rem. ammunition.

A one-piece, ten-inch Troy Industries Quad Rail Handguard provides ample room for mounting sights, optics and accessories. Made exclusively for Ruger, this SR-556-specific handguard is pinned to the upper receiver and provides a rigid mount for the piston driven transfer rod.

The SR-556 is equipped with Troy Industries Folding BattleSights™. These rugged, high-quality sights co-witness with Mil-Spec optics, and are easily removed or replaced.  The sights can be folded down with the push of a button, or quickly flipped up with your thumbs. The windage adjustable rear sight includes an instantly converted short and long range aperture, and the protected front sight is elevation adjustable.

The Ruger SR-556 is equipped with a six-position telescoping M4-style buttstock that houses a Mil-Spec buffer and spring.  A Hogue® Monogrip® pistol grip and three Troy Industries Rail Covers provide a comfortable ergonomic hold when carrying or shooting.

Durability and performance of the SR-556 is enhanced with the use of high-performance finishes: The barrel and gas block are chrome lined, while the bolt, bolt carrier, and extractor are chrome plated.  The piston driven transfer rod is electroless nickel/Teflon coated. The flash hider and the exterior of the barrel, gas block, and regulator are manganese phosphate coated. All aluminum parts are Mil-Spec hard coat anodized.

The SR-556 is supplied with three, thirty-round Magpul PMAG™ magazines.  These lightweight magazines feature a storage/dust cover, a stainless steel spring, and a self-lubricating, anti-tilt follower.

The flat top upper receiver and barrel assembly is specific to the Ruger SR-556.  The standard lower receiver is built with Mil-Spec components, including a single stage trigger.  The lower receiver is compatible with AR-style magazines, grips, buttstocks, and fire control components.

The 7 lb., 15 oz. (without magazine) Ruger SR-556 autoloading rifle is shipped in a padded carry case that features the Ruger logo, hook-and-loop fasteners to stabilize the rifle within the case, and internal magazine pockets.

Catalog Number: SR-556FB
Model: 05902
Caliber: 5.56mm NATO/ .223 Rem
Barrel Length: 16.12″
Length: 32.75″ / 36.00″
Height:  7.75″
Width: 2.50″
Weight: 7.92 lbs. (without magazine)
Twist: 1:9″ RH
Suggested Retail: $1,995.00

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  • Brian

    Does anyone know where to get the Ruger upper reciever conversion to 6.8mm??? I know that any other AR-15 uppers will not fit my Ruger, but I have seen in certain places that it is offered in a 6.8 model. Anyone have any idea where these uppers might be available? Google has failed me in that aspect. Thanks!!!

  • PeteC

    I’ve had mine since they came out – maybe 2 years ago or so? Great gun: accurate, clean but a bit heavy and the front rail gets very-hot after 100 rounds – MEGA hot at 200 so buy some covers for the entire rail otherwise you’ll get serious burns. The rail seems to be set up like a big heat sink. Gotta be some wisdom behind that.

    Funny story: After having it for a year, took the SR-556 to the range to show off to a buddy. The sucker would FTF almost every round! He proclaimed, “what a POS!” …. then I remembered I had set the gas port months back to #1 to see if it would cycle and left it there. Changed it to #2 and – cycled perfectly and ejected perfectly. I realize now I should not be allowed to breed. Great gun!

  • Slapperboy

    Have owned the SR556c for around 10months. The best AR I have ever shot. Not a thing wrong with this gun. Paid 1383$ and worth every penny. I have shot Stag, Colt and a lot of Bushies.. This gun hands down Wins my vote. Put 800 rounds through it and finally took it apart and cleaned it. Easy take down and was hardly dirty compared to DI guns. For anyone considering this Ruger… Don’t hesitate Govt may Ban Assualt rifles sales soon and you will be without one. No FTF or FTE with any type of ammo I feed it. It’s a BEAST!!!


  • I got mine , and it took six weeks .Its back order if you look around.

  • TAC_Man

    Thousands of rounds between cleanings and can take a beating with out any misfires…accurate and always fun. Ruger did a good job.

  • AR_Enthusiest

    1050 plus rounds no misfires or cleaning in-between over all great rifle

  • Husker

    I have had mine for about a year. Purchased this through the military exchange. I mounted a Leupold scope and this rifle is very impressive. I can easily shoot bulls-eyes at 400 yards all day long. Ammo is cheaper than my 22 mag. Also, this thing stays clean! I remember cleaning my DI Colt…that sucked. This thing can easily shoot days without too much carbon fouling. If this was a larger caliber, I would be using it as my deer gun…which is still tempting. So far, all ammo I have tried worked great. I mostly shoot AE and PMC. The open sights were spot on right out of the box. Took this gun to a clay pigeon shoot…everybody tried it and love it. It’s a keeper.

  • Tom

    Come on people. Hasn’t anyone got anything negative to say abou this rifle? There has got to be something that sticks out and barks at you. Is it really that good?

  • IL_HappyOwner

    What a great gun, I have shot almosr 3000+ rounds in it now and its been flawless. Great Job Ruger!

  • Michael

    I want to order the Ruger SR556 and I live in California. I understand that the AR15 rifles need to be California compliant with the bullet button and a 10rd. Magazine. Do you sell to Californians and if so would you be putting the bullet button on? I understand that the Ruger comes with 3 Magpull 30rd. mags but that will need to be changed to 3 10rd. mags. Would that be a magpull mag as well. I hope it is. Thanks

  • coldarkstare

    just got my ruger sr 556 a week ago (it was my early christmas gift thanks to my loving and very understanding woman :))and gotta say Im very happy with it. probably one of the best christmases and presents. thanks honey and thanks ruger !

  • just got back from Iraq on RnR, bought one of these and 500 rnds of 5.56 55 grain for $1425. great rifle, going to miss it when i go back to playing army.

  • Dave

    Ruger makes a gun nearly identical to Sig 556. Grats?

    I’ll keep shooting the innovator.

  • Draw214

    Bought mine Laborday Weekend. Cabela’s had em for $1599 with no paments no interst for 12 months. Plus they had a promo of $150 ‘cash card’ if you spend $500 and I had a $20 coupon I got in the mail. Net cost was $1550 after discounts applied, tax included. This rifle is worth every penny! Standard AR will cost $1k minimum for anything decent. If you were to add all the upgrades that come standard on the Ruger (Troy rail system, rail covers and sights- Hogue grip- Pmag magazines), the cost would be about them same. And that’s not even addressing the best feature of this gun, the dual stage piston operating system. This really makes this one of the best ARs out the, in my opinion. Took it out to the range for the 1st time today. Put 300 rounds through with zero hiccups. Tight groups, with stock sights, even tighter with the optic attached. This is my new favorite gun. Then again, every new gun I get is “my favorite” gun until I buy the next one…

  • Warren

    I own AR’s from just about everyone, this one is head and shoulders above. Good job Ruger!

  • gyrfalcon

    Ruger is one of the few companies that actually seems to care about customer service.

    I’m somewhat glad they’re not offering this in a select-fire version for the Police/Military. It seems like once a company gets major contracts they tell civilians to take a hike.

  • ParadigmMatrix

    Just got mine! This is by far the BEST AR 15 platform I have ever owned. Having been in the Army for 11 years, I can say that I wish that this were my MBR, and would like to see Ruger offer a selective fire capability for the Class III folks out there! As far as ” manufacture jumps on the AR15 bandwagon.. (sic)”, the more the merrier! This is what drives improved design and reliability. SO, come on Walther, Mossberg, and whomever else… get some!

  • sam

    got it,, like it better than the sig 556. the ruger is well thot out, the sig is more like
    “we can fix that later” and sig has customer

  • MadDavin

    Go Ruger!!!!

  • MadDavin

    Yah and I bet it will blow away the others…………!


    And another manufacture jumps on the AR15 bandwagon.. Lets see who’s next.. Hmm..Winchester? What about Smith and.. ohh wait.. did that.. lets see.. Remin.. oh never mind.. Beretta.. there we go that should be next.. maybe Mossberg