Ruger’s Special Edition Mini-14 Rifle

Ruger's Special Edition Mini-14 Rifle to benefit NRA-ILA will only…

Ruger’s Special Edition Mini-14 Rifle to benefit NRA-ILA will only be produced in 2008 and will raise money for the NRA Institute for Legislative Action, the legislative arm of the NRA that is committed to protecting our second amendment rights. The Mini-14 Rifle features a blued finish and 16-1/8″ barrel in a patented black Hogue® OverMolded™ stock. The grip cap of the stock features an NRA metal gold-tone logo. This special rifle is chambered for .223 Remington and ships with two 20-round magazines.

The Ruger® Mini-14® series of rifles has been extremely popular since first introduced in 1974. Long considered simple, rugged, and reliable, these rifles have proven so popular around the woods, farm, and ranch that they earned the nickname “Ranch Rifle,” which is the name Ruger now uses to describe all Mini-14 rifles that come from the factory with integral scope mounting features.

nra_mini-04.jpgPatented Hogue® OverMolded™ stocks are constructed by molding a super strong and rigid fiberglass reinforced insert or “skeleton” that precisely fits the firearms action. The stocks are then OverMolded with an exclusive rubber compound. This provides the ultimate in shooting comfort, is non-slip in adverse weather and creates a super quiet finish while walking in wooded or brushy country.

For more information on the special limited edition NRA Ruger Mini-14 rifle and the extensive line of Ruger products and services, visit

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    Please fix the type o or remove the whole thing please.

  • Steven Blickley Says:
    February 5th, 2010 at 10:02 am
    This is the best out of the box rifle I have owned in my 63 years of life. It > shit <5 shots

    I know it is a simple typo, and i & o are side by side, but my rather strange sense of humor got me laughing .

  • Steven Blickley

    This is the best out of the box rifle I have owned in my 63 years of life. It *shot 5 shots inside the circle made of a quarter at 150 yards.
    Now with a Ruger strikeforce package it is short enough to use inside a home. Best trade I ever made, a sub MOA rifle in trade for a grizley milling machine. I will keep it as long as I live and leave it to my son who loves it too. Only thing negative is you must buy Ruger magazines to make it completely trustworthy.
    I have 15 Ruger mags 1 4round 8 20round and 6 30round magazines.
    I have a reddot millet sight and a 4X scope both on ruger rings, that can be switched in 30 secconds and be already zeroed in. Perfect home defence weapon, a carbine that shoots like a rifle.
    Buy one if you can find one.

    *comment edited by moderator at user’s request.

    • steven j blickley

      Due to the preconceived opinions of the Mini14 the remarks from steve blickley are about half fictional. They were written to open the minds of many who had a bad experiences or had heard the bad news about the old mini’s accuracy.
      Due to the retooling at the Ruger plant, and redesign of the mini14NRA the weapon is so different it needs to be reconsidered by most shooters. I hope some shooters have reconsidered and at least tried out a Mini14NRA or the new Ranch rifle with the shorter barrel. This is a new rifle that needs at least a chance against the bias against the old mini14 with the thin 18″ barrel. I hope some have gone against the current and gave the new Mini14 ranch rifle with the 16″ tapered barrel. I am an old duffer who swapped my milling machine for a Mini14NRA and love it. I am in no way connected with Ruger, I just love the new product at least tried by new shooters.

      Steven J Blickley

  • KN

    Say “hello” to my new little friend, that keeps the coyote far away:)