Russia tests another supersonic T-50 fighter.

Image: Александр Пачков (paralay), Russia successfully tested a second…

Image: Александр Пачков (paralay),

Russia successfully tested a second prototype of its revolutionary new “fifth-generation” fighter plane Thursday, a futuristic, ultrafast, and stealthy warbird that may be in the possession of the Russian Air Force by 2013.

If Russian claims about the Sukhoi T-50 multirole fighter are true, then the country that has made do with Soviet-era arms for the past two decades is poised to roar into the 21st century with a cutting-edge weapons system that is so advanced and complex that only the US has been able to field one.

“This is a unique achievement for post-Soviet Russia, and we’re leaving Europe, China, and Japan far behind” in the race to build a fifth-generation fighter, says Alexander Khramchikin, an expert with the independent Institute of Political and Military Analysis.

“This puts Russia at the top level in military development, and even higher.”

Source: Fred Weir for the Christian Science Monitor.

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  • HKent

    The engine rotors are visible in the front and the nozzles are visible in the back…non-stealthy features. We can count the blades from hundreds of miles away. If it has no internal weapons bay, then all of the missile cruciforms will shine on radar from every direction. One or two features does not a stealth design make…how about the comms? The radar technology? The 96 to zero kill ratios against F-15s with similar intakes and exhausts?

    Like the Europeans and Chinese before them, they will likely have to learn by dying in the air if they are fool enough to try: stealth is not a “design”, it’s a deep, wide and complex technology that is virtually impossible to steal intact. We should sell our allies F-22s to reopen the lines and after the Students for a Democratic Society/ACORN crew is clear of the White House to buy more of our own.

  • General Jim M

    How many P51 mustangs would one of those pay for?In the end it only takes one less costly missle to put it down.Let’s look to advanced anti aircraft missle and gun systems or combined systems to put these hotshots down.Just like M1a2 Abrams have been disabled by IEDs,there are cost efficent methods of countering and destroying generation 5 fighter planes.Like predators hitting them on the ground.

  • jarret

    Okay. So the russians have a new fighter. We all knew it would happen at some point. Just because it ends up looking like a U.S plane doesn’t mean its a piece of shit. Those whiley commies have made a science of reverse engineering U.S shit and turning out a better version for almost 5 decades now. I say wait and see what happens and shit your pants later

  • Richard

    Time get x-35 fighter working counrty like Russia and China gone make obsolete with there fighters go faster and steathler than it. That made take on f22 that have so few not make any more.

  • drdee

    I see like with the MIG-15, when they copied the Mustang…..

  • Mitch Lewis

    Every aircraft the Russians make looks just like something the US already has on the line. DUH! They don’t need aeronautical engineers, just some clown with a digital camera. What progress!