Safariland Bike Patrol Product Line

As part of Safariland's continual striving to bring the best…

As part of Safariland’s continual striving to bring the best and most technologically advanced products to market, we researched the marketplace and found a significant requirement for a patrol bike engineered specifically for the needs of bike patrol officer. We’re proud of Safariland’s partnership with Kona USA, one of the world’s leading all-terrain bicycle manufacturers. This has allowed us to enter the market confident in the quality, workmanship, and performance of the product, in keeping with the reputation Safariland has built in the law enforcement and competitive sporting markets for almost 50 years.


More than just a single bike product, Safariland’s goal was to develop an integrated system of products and services for Safariland’s customer with a one-stop-shop solution that allows an agency to supply their officers with the required ancillary bike products such as helmets, shoes, pumps, pedals, hydration backpacks and water bottles. To do this we selected a complement of high quality components and accessories from among the best names in the bike industry, including Shimano®, Bell®, Blackburn® and others.


And finally, this new product line creates synergy with the bike specific patrol related product from Safariland’s core product line, including holsters, body armor and other protective gear.

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  • J. Mata

    I had the opportunity to meet and train with Troy Gielish, at a Bicycle Patrol Instructors Course held at the San Bernardino County Sheriffs Training Center in California. He has a very deep passion and commitment for bicycle patrol from nutrition to officer safety. A gifted man that is willing to share his wealth of knowledge and experience on two wheels with anyone. If any officer has the information and experience to make a connection with a major mountain bike manufacturer for a new and improved bicycle patrol equipment platform…it would be Troy.

    I viewed some of the videos of Troy with the new Kona Patrol Bike. The partnership between Kona and Safariland along with Troy’s experience and input has reached and hit a new high mark for the patrol bike industry. New innovation and design.

    With any and all new first generation designs and production models, the new end result will more than likely have a chink. From what I noticed in the videos, more than likely the chink might be nothing more than a cost issue than a design flaw. As we all know when trying to keep the cost factor down, it will have some negative effect on any new product or system to some extent. What I’m referring to is the kickstand.

    The kickstand that’s mounted on the new Patrol Bike appears to be the same model and or type that is currently outfitted on some of the bicycles in my unit and other department bicycles that I’ve seen throughout the years. That kickstand design is to linier in relationship to the frame, in that it would not extend out diagonally, with any added length, to allow the officer to properly plant the bike utilizing a tactical dismount without the bike tipping over. For those officers that remember, take a closer look at the kickstand.

    For bicycle patrol work, you really do need a kickstand that is strong, reliable and able to allow to operator to set and plant the bike for a tactical dismount when making contacts in the field. I haven’t had the opportunity to ride the new Kona Patrol Bike, so I would hope the kickstand is nothing more than a visual reflection of a poor design from another manufacturer and nothing more. Kona does manufacture great mountain bikes, mountain bikes that do not require kickstands.

    J. Mata