Safariland’s MANTIS concealable carrier

Safariland's new MANTIS ballistic vest provides advanced fit and flexibility…


Safariland’s new MANTIS ballistic vest provides advanced fit and flexibility for the street teams, undercover agents and regular duty patrol officers it was designed for. The new vest features improved comfort and adjustability in a lightweight, low-profile design for both male and female law enforcement officers. Its new, field-tested female cut provides improved comfort for female officers, while its male carrier employs the same adjustable and ported shoulder straps, affording protection that’s ergonomically adaptable for each wearer.

The MANTIS’ ballistic panels are made from a combination of shaped composite frames, premium woven aramids, superior laminates and robust sewing threads, providing each officer it protects with the next generation of body armor technology.

Featuring an anti-microbial mesh interior and exterior front mesh vents for better air flow, the MANTIS incorporates a two-or-one waist strap, allowing officers to secure the vest without sacrificing ventilation. Low-profile, recessed zippers and hardware provide less wear on clothing and helps prevent the carrier from snagging on accessories and duty gear.

The new MANTIS offers a combination 5×8-inch and 7×9-inch front plate pocket and a 10×12-inch back pocket, allowing the wearer to choose the most appropriate ballistic threat panels to meet his or her needs.

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