SAFARILAND’s STX Basket Weave Finish for All Holster & Accessory Models

Safariland's New STX basket weave finish is now available for…

Safariland’s New STX basket weave finish is now available for all holster and accessory models that are currently available in STX Black.  Safariland will continue to offer the STX Plain Black and STX Hi-Gloss Black finishes.

The new STX basket weave finish stays true to the traditional weave design, a perennial favorite of many law enforcement personnel.  Known for its incredible strength, abrasion resistance and protective qualities, the durable STX basket weave finish can withstand the rigors of the job without diminishing its quality.

Heat laminated and molded to the shape of weapons and accessories for better security, the new STX basket weave will not absorb water or sweat and dries quickly when wet.  The new STX basket weave is also easily cleaned with mild soap and water.  Additionally, the new STX basket weave incorporates a Safari-Suede™ liner that protects the finish of guns and absorbs excess oils and lubricants.

Many holster and accessory models, including the new Model 6280 EDW (Electrical Discharge Weapon) Duty Tactical Holster and Model 6360 ALS™ (Automatic Locking System) Duty Holster, are available with the new STX basket weave finish.  The Model 6280 EDW holster is available with the standard ride UBL (Universal Belt Loop) that accommodates 2” (50mm) or 2.25” (58mm) belts.

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