Safe Zone Blast Resistant Door

This Blast Resistant Door has a 9 point locking system…

This Blast Resistant Door has a 9 point locking system that can stop 1100 pounds of TNT, and clear glazing that can stop an AK-47 and 2 hour intrusion.

Safe Zone Ballistics offers Aluminum and Steel Ballistics doors. Our doors offer Bullet Resistant protection (UL and NIJ certified) to protect against bullet resistant along with Blast Ratings. Safe Zone Ballistics, Manufacture, Supply and Install Aluminum and Steel Blast/Ballistic Resistant Door Sets. This type of door is primarily used on Military Installations or where Blast and Ballistic Resistance is required. Safe Zone Ballistics also offers the highest rated blast doors on the market with ability to stand up to 930 PSI. Below are Blast & Ballistic Resistant Doors we supply.

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