Sako TRM-G M10

Image: From Last week, at the DSEi trade…




Last week, at the DSEi trade show in London, UK, Sako unveiled an all-new tactical rifle, designed from the ground up as a modular system, which can be user-configured in the field to shoot multiple calibers. By changing bolts and barrels, Sako’s new TRG M10 can be switched from a 7.62×51 NATO round to the .300 Win Mag, or the even larger .338 Lapua Magnum. With the capability of the TRG M10 to shoot both standard and magnum cartridges, Sako now has a product that can compete with other multi-caliber sniper rifles such as the Barrett MRAD, released last year.


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  • Ricardo Quijano

    Pamphlet on the Sako TRM-G M10 and basic price be for any additions to be added.

  • nice gun wonder what msrp is going to be

  • David Wurz

    I need one!!

  • AJ

    sick!! going to need one for my next deployment.