SAVAGE ARMS’ Modular Sniper System: Model 10 BAS & BAS/T

Savage Arms is rolling out a new modular sniper system…


Savage Arms is rolling out a new modular sniper system in 2009 that elevates the top of the line in law enforcement for the company known for producing the most accurate factory rifles available.

The Model 10 BAS and 10 BAS/T are based on the proven model 110 action, built on a modular aluminum chassis that features the same three-dimensional bedding system included in the company’s new AccuStock. This system accepts most standard AR-style buttstocks and pistol grips, allowing the user to customize his bolt rifle to resemble his autoloader.

The 10 BA will come in two configurations the BAS with an M4-style buttstock and the BAS/T with a target-style, multi-adjustable buttstock that borrows from Savage’s Model 12 Palma target rifle. Other features include: AccuTrigger, 10-round detachable magazine, 24” free-floating, fluted heavy barrel, proprietary Savage muzzle brake, and an oversized bolt handle.

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  • Hunter

    I was wondering.. where abouts can I get a hand on one of these in Australia?

  • Flint

    Does savage arms have gen 1, gen 2 and gen 3 especially the cal 7.62 mm bolt action sniper rifle

  • hello every one..i am really interested in SAVAGE 10bas,,,i usually shoots and hunt wolfs between 500-1000M(1 km) from top of mountain..Is this rifle can handle in 1000meter range? i like the design..which is like military and modern..And also in my country we mostly use the 308 or 30-06 bullets.otherwise very difficult to find other big sized bullets. so Please give me some advise for choosing my rifle..i need something like modern and cool stuff like this for 1000-1200meter range… thanks for your advise

  • Nav

    I am torn btw 10 BAS and savage 12 f t/r. Which gun is more accurate? Model 10 action is supposed to be inferior to model 12 action, one being hunting action and the other for varmint and target rifles. However, 10 BAS claims .5 MOA accuracy. Is it because it is a “trued” model 10 action? Has anyone seen a direct comparision of these two guns in terms of accuracy? Thanks. –Nav

  • JS, this isn’t the rifle for you if your goal is to shoot 1000 yards. As this is a tactical rifle, it is meant for 200-300 yard shots in tactical situations. I own one, and eventually had a similar interest in shooting 1000 yards only to find it didn’t hold up at that range. Great rifle, don’t get me wrong. Check out savage arms target rifles if you want to compete at that distance. Hope this helps.

  • Brad

    I’m waiting for my 10 BA to be delivered and want to have all of my add ons before it gets here. What height of Adjustable bipod has worked out best?

  • JS

    Is this model available to the general public? I’m interested in buying my first rifle that can make a 1000yard shot. Also, I don’t fancy spending loads and loads of cash on many a rifle; I just want one rifle that can get the job done at a 1000yards. It would be fantastic if this were available to the general public.


  • Nick

    What got me on this site was the talk about the Savage 10 BAS and how it copied (said with tongue in cheek) this and that from other guns and my reply still stands; they (all gun companies) have been doing that since the beginning.
    So why come back you ask.
    Well after my purchase of the Savage 10 BAS I put one of my old Leopold MK 4s on the rifle and took it to the range to compare it with my Harris McMillan M-86. To start I shoot with other good friends here in Ga who work on the police force so I use Factory 175 gr BT ammo for most of my testing I will also use the 168 which impact very close to the same POI at closer ranges.
    After setting up on the range it was 86 F wind very light around 4-6 mph from our 0530. Pretty good conditions over all for the short range 100yd shooting. after getting it zero’d at 50 we moved back to 100 and to test out my failing eyes I put a small copper coin on the bull and wanted to put a head shot in for true satisfaction.
    Now I put my mat down, laid the rifle on the bypod opened the bolt, took my wind readings took the ribbings about a space gun and what kind of ray it shot etc… then as I laid down slipped the magazine into the snug welcoming entrance, I took my been bag and gave it a little squeeze to get a stable sight picture, and squeezed the nice crisp trigger, and it and the next 4 rds went through the same hole in the coin, My 5th shot went through the same hole in the target but the coin had popped forward and it skimmed the side of the coin. total hole size 3/8 inch.
    We then moved to the 200,300,500,750yd ranges and since I didn’t have my dope for this rifle yet I used the card for my M-86 and it was close enough for me to hit a 22 inch target at 750yds with a lft to rt wind of (by now) 5-9 mph with each of 5 rds.
    Hopefully I can do better after the rest of the break in period.
    bottom line. It is on par with my favorite rifle out of the box (with added optics of course), and I would say that I decided then and there to go ahead and dress it up with Camo paint and add it to my drag around collection. But hey I think they must have copied the accuracy from other rifles as well “CHUCKLE”, so to those who say its a copy please go try it and then like my favorite pistol, the most copied ever Mr Brownings 1911, you will see that it is a sound stable shooting platform.
    Oh yes I did put some of the foam from the packaging under the shaky cheek pad and now it is spot on.
    Exhale, squeeze, feel a slight recoil, and watch the bad guy go away!

  • Jim

    Come on Guys. How many modern handguns are copied after the Glock? Would you prefer that every invention be original? That would mean no one could use the picatinny rail. Every company would have to engineer thier own. Rings and mounts would have to be proprietary. That would be a logistics nightmare. How many ways are there to strap a rail on the front of a bolt action rifle?
    I have two Accuracy intenationals one in 338 and one in 300. They shoot awesome. But when my best friend who has the money to buy an AI asked what to buy, I showed him the Savage for 20% of the cost of an AI. And when we finish setting it up I’m going to do a head to head against the AI. I think it is great that Savage has finally stepped up to put an accurate platform out there that more people can afford.

  • Dick

    Response to Shawn; Nov 7 2009:

    Just want to clarify that the rail mount on the Savage is definitely NOT made by McCann. It is similar in appearance, but not in material. Don’t want there to be any confusion in the marketplace. It is simply a copy of McCann’s MIRS mount which is in extensive use by the US military at this time.

  • Nick

    I have 2 choices The Nightforce with NPR2 reticle and a mil dot Leopold MK 4. These are my choices, and they are just like A#$%^les every body has one. Clear, accurate, reliable and no BS warranties. I invest in the tool I might as well invest in the whole tool.

  • JR

    I have made the decession to add a suppressor to by BAS-k. I have found it almost impossible to get through to a real person at savage. I need the tread type under the flash suppressor. Anyone with experience on this? By the way, its been a year now and I have not had ay problems with trigger lock-up and still less than .5 inch groups when I zero at 200 yards.

  • Nick

    If look a likes and sorta likes are keeping you from pulling the trigger, I guess you don’t own or shoot Browning’s old junky design. I love my 1911’s 3 different types. Dan Wesson, Taurus, auto ordinance. Sooooo if my rifle looks like there’s or shoots like that one or has a rail like that one who gives a r!@#$%^&*( I want the rifle to do its job so I can whine about the ammo not being right (Chuckle). Enjoy your tools make them your own settle, breathe, squeeze enjoy the recoil and seeing the bad guy go away.
    Good shooting my friends what ever it is.
    Oh I’m comparing it to My old Harris McMillan M86 which does everything I ask and then some.

  • Alfredo Remigio

    I’m thinking of buying a 10BAS-K, I need to know which is the best scope for this kind of rifle? thanks….

  • Bob

    I purchassed the 10 BAS-K several months ago. It’s a great gun with one exception. The hight adjustment on the stock isn’t extreamly stable.

    Anybody know of a better replacement stock?

  • Travis H

    I am not that familiar with the whole copy this and copy that arguement. I have seen the pics of the PDC and yes it is similar, but I don’t know or care about the arguement. I do know that I own one of these and it is ONE Bad Ass Sniper rifle! The accuracy is amazing and it is a head turner. My hat’s off to Savage for making EXACTLY what I was looking for in a long-range gun. There is not one this that I can say that I don’t like about it. I LOVE THIS THING!!!!!

  • John

    Who cares who copied who….this gun can shoot. I’ve taken mine out twice with factory ammo and shot sub MOA. Harris bipod, new 4200 tactical FFP Bushnell, and Federal Fusion 180g bullets. Out of 4 shot groups I shot at 300 yars, I had 2 groups at under 1.5″. I can’t wait to get all my reloading equipment put together and start working up some real loads. However, I did have some problems with the trigger locking up and need to adjust the trigger. I’m a bit worried because I have read that this can be a problem with some of the Savage triggers (I am not being rough with the bolt)

  • curt s

    You guys are making my day. I just picked up a BAT/S topped with a Nightforce 3.5-15×50 for $2500.00, with a Harris adjustable bipod! I don’t care if anyone thinks Savage knocked off someone elses design. I think I got a smokin deal on a quality rifle…and by the way, it IS a tack driver.

  • RGA

    Other than the sling stud, how do you mount a bipod on this rifle? Is there a rail or slot on the bottom?

  • JRH

    I purchased a Savage 10 BAS-K about 8 months ago. I have got it fixed up with the harris bi-pod, sling and 4.5-16X50 mil-dot scope. Right out of the box it was perfect. I take it to the range at least once each month. I have made no adjustments to the trigger. It was crisp and the pull was a little less than 3 pounds. From the bi-pod position the rifle consistantly produces less than 1 inch groups at 300 yards. At five hundred yards the groups are smaller than my fist. I will say that for $1700 out of the box performance is unbeatable. The rails and attaching points provide more options than you may want to carry. I shoot the Hornady Match 168gr BTHP. There are no negative comments. The action at first was a little stiff, but is now as smooth as I would expect from any quality bolt action. I was with the army team years ago, but pistol. I am new to the long gun and enjoying everyminute of it. The only problem I have is finding a new range and a better spotting scope. The range I use only goes to 500 yards. What spotting scope would I need to see a 30 cal hole at 800 yards?

  • O23

    Quit your whining…what a superb rifle. Just wish I could buy two of ’em! Have fun….

  • Copy? Function requirements demand any particular design to pretty much “look” like the design of any other similar object that is going to perform the same function. Did the Russians copy America’s design of the space shuttle? I don’t think so. Yet the two look pretty much the same. Aerodynamics and flight dynamics dictated what they must “look” like in order to perform their intended mission. Does a Boeing wing look similar to an AirBus wing. Yep, those long lookalikes just stick right out of the fuselage. Who copied who?
    Does a Kimber 1911 model closely resemble an original government model 1911? Uh huh.

  • TK

    There is no copy here, just a similar appearance! And Savage rifles are not cheap, it’s just the others are too expensive for what they are! A lot of folks still think “if it’s more expensive, it’s gotta be better” not so and I learned that a long time ago in marketing. I have had my BAS-10 for about a year now and my only complaint is that it’s a finicky bullet spitter. But then again it was probably me overlooking the obvious. Running test loads of Sierra 155BTHP,168BTHP,175BTH in combination with IMR 3031, 4320, 4350,4895 and Reloader 15, 17, 19 and VVN N140, 150, 550 and Varget, Benchmark, Win 760 and 48. I found what I was looking for. But the kicker here is I already found the load long ago, it was my barrel that needed more break-in time. However, the BAS-10 is finicky and after about 1200 rounds, It shoots Hornady 168 Grn. BTSP/Match bullets set against the lands (281)with a light crimp like a nail driver behind 42.0 grains of IMR 4895. I paid AA for a custom BR/HM1 in .308 and paid $3400 just to pay Savage $1700 for a rifle that will hold it’s own against the AA and outperform it past 600 yards! So what do I do now? I ordered the BAS-110 in .338 Lapua and will continue with Savage until someone makes one better or gets off their “high price is better” attitude! I also have the new model 14 classic for hunting in .308 with the drop out box mag. Beautiful wood, metal finish and incredible accuracy!

  • JR

    I have owned a BAS-K for about 6 months now. I take it to the range every opportunity I get. I was very satisfied with the trigger pull as it was out of the box. Shoting on the bipod, all of the 3 rounds at 100 yards touch. I zeroed at 200 and at 300 the group is the size of my fist. I’m just making the transition to the long gun, so for the price I don’t think that anyone could expect more for a rifle out of the box.

  • joe

    i love that gun my dad has one i want to buy it. he said that he might in a couple of years but i can wait

  • Viper

    I am very sory to read about all the arguing about who copy who and what,
    any design modified 10% is your own. That’s the law

    a car a plane a anything was invented by one and copyed by
    everybody eles.
    There is not one thing on this planet that has not been copyed, reproduced a thousand times .
    There is not enough time for original ideas to stay compatitive.

    Tomorow I will invent a air codition with cold air .
    Every one will give me a dollar for use???????
    What do you guys think!!!
    Ps my design will have a widget build in I hope yours wil not have 2 (I will take you to court) we live in a very letigios sociaety unfortunatly…

  • Shawn

    I have been involved in all aspects of the firearm industry for over 10 years. I have compared the Savage BAT/S stock with the PDC Stock and have noticed many differences in design. Saying that Savage Copied the PDC Stock is like stating that the designs for the Remington 700 Sendero stock was stolen from H.S. Precision. The stock that Savage has put on the BAT/S seems to be a better design in my opinion than the PDC Stock. There have been some concerns with whether or not Savage copied McCann Industries M24 Rail. It is a common practice among firearm manufacturers to purchase parts from other manufacturers (Scope mounts, stocks, accessories and Misc.) and market these parts on their rifles as there own. So that these parts are not as easily identifiable as coming from other manufacturers they change the name or make small changes in looks or dimensions. I do not know for sure if the rail that Savage is using is the McCann Rail or if they have come out with their own version of the rail or if they have commisioned McCann to produce this rail. Either way this is a common practice among most firearm manufacturers (Remington, DPMS, Thompson Center and others) There is no other rifle produced at this time that offers as much as the Savage Model 10 BAS & BAT/S at such a great value. Savage has been able to produce some of the most accurate out of the box production firearms in the industry. Savage is quickly becoming the new Remington 700 in shooting circles around the world. Hats off to Savage and the fine job they are doing.

  • Tommy

    I have owned a Savage Weather Warrior 116FHSAK in the 7mm Mag stainless bull barrel fluted with the boss for 13 years and a very proud owner of this rifle. After about 3 different types of ammo going through and finaly found that the Winchester ballist silvertips 150 grain that this rifle loves to spit out and Im very very happy with the performance of the two combined. My brother owns the 270 Weatherby Vanguard which is suppose to be famously know for accuracy, well,, SORRY… I clovered 3 shots at a 100 yards while he was packing 1/8 to 1/4″ groups. Im still trying to convince the wife to let me get the new BAT S/K .308 .. She says I have enough already, but she just don’t understand..

  • Eugene

    Anyone have a problem with the magazine falling out when firing? I read this in a review and it just didn’t sound right. I plan on buying one of these rifles when I get back from Iraq.

  • jeff

    Silly whining people, copy this and copy that. This is one bad ass gun, for the money. Show me something that can compare with the style and accuracy. Quit your whining, you sound so american.

  • Greg E.

    Adjust the Accutrigger using the following procedure:

    1. Ensure the weapon is unloaded and remove the magazine.
    2. Remove the safety and open the bolt.
    3. Using a 3/16 allen wrench, remove the screw just rear of the magazine release lever.
    4. Use a 5/32 allen wrench to remove the screws on both left and right sides below the safety selector switch.
    5. Pull the trigger guard and buttstock assembly away from the weapon.
    6. Use the small Accutrigger wrench to adjust the trigger pull weight just rear of the trigger. Clockwise to increase weight and counter-clockwise to decrease weight.
    7. Reassemble weapon in reverse order and tighten screws being careful to not over tighten or strip any of them.

    It is much easier than people make it out to be…

  • george


  • Pedro

    I’ve been shooting this action for awhile. The “lock” is a built-in safety to keep the rifle from firing if you should work the action too hard.

    The answer is, quite simply, don’t work the action so hard. It took some getting used to, but it hasn’t happened to me in hundreds of rounds fired and I have my trigger set to 7 ozs.

    If it does this, just lift the bolt handle up and put it back down again.

    I can hit 4 inch steel at 700 yards with this action in 300 WSM and custom handloads. It will do much better than 1 MOA!

  • Greg E. (Mortis)

    Forget all the bickering its just a waste of time. Savage has put together one wicked weapon! At 400 yards and coupled with a Shepherd scope I am averaging 1 MOA groups. I you have ever been trained as a sniper, this weapon will amaze you. For whatever reason it likes 168gr BTHP ammo the best. Anything else is still fantastic, but the 168gr ammo is as close to perfect as you can get(even out of a cold barrel). At 200 yards you can shoot sub MOA groups all day. If law enforcement equips this weapon, the bad guys don’t have a chance. If the time comes and an open shot is needed to put a man down, he’s not getting back up…Period!


  • My Savage 10 BAS-K locks up too. I read the manual again and you have to undo the stock bolts to get at the trigger adjustment. I look like from the trigger drawings that increasing the trigger pull will decreasse the sensitivity of the trigger lock and help with the problem. I am going to try that at the range this weekend. Otherwise it shoots 1 MOA or less!

  • Mark

    I took the rifle to the range and dialed it in at 100 yards. I was having a problem with the trigger locking up on me. I would chamber a round and sight, then begin to squeeze and “Click”, the trigger would lock.
    I read the manual and it mentioned this could happen if the bolt was jerked too hard, or the rifle was handled too rough. I am not sure how to remedy this, but I could not find the hole to adjust the accutrigger. It almost appears that the pistol grip needs to be pulled to access the adjustment??
    It is a head turner though. Many AR’s there, and at least five shooters came over to look at this gun. My groups were rough, but found that my Bushnell Yardage Pro was loose at the front. I was grouping low and right, but within 1″ at 100 yards. I am rusty and should improve with time and ammo$$ 😉

  • terry

    i actually talked to craig at PDC and i do believe that savage copied his design, i own a BAT/S model and my only complaint is with the adjustable cheek pad on it.. its plastic sliding on a piccatani rail and its flimsy/floppy, you can’t get a consistant sheek weld with it,i found PDC during a extensive web search for a solution, i am getting one of craigs cheek pads and am going to modify the savage to solve the problem. so if you like the savage and can’t find one call craig, buy one of his stocks and then buy a regular model 10 and there u go,,,,you will come out cheaper…

  • marty

    who really cares weather or not the savage is similar to the m24 rail or the pdc.i agree with brian about the 1911.if you make firearms long enough eventually you are gonna get some type of cloning.look at the old corvettes and the old copied ford and vice versa and then the people decided which model they just get over it.thats buisness!

  • Mark

    Well, I just plunked down the $1600+ for the Savage model 10 BAS.
    I have to wait 10 days, (Yes, good ol’ California!). The gun has sharp edges on the fore, and is extremely heavy. I will put a pod on her, and a killer scope and it should top out at around 17.9 lbs loaded. These guns are very hard to find and it is said that with the accutrigger, Savage is producing the most accurate production guns available. I am stoked!
    Are all of you enthusiasts having the same problem finding ammunition for your handguns?????
    “Obama, the years best gun-salesman!”

  • scott

    jealous!!! i`m a savage owner, copy or not it’s wicked. I would shot against anyone with any of my savage rifles in a heartbeat. they are still one of the best rifles made if not the best for the price.

  • jon

    actually jason. ive been doing a lot of reading on this gun and have run into a post where someone said they ripped off PDC Custom. here is the URL to pdc custom with a Mod that looks exactly like the savage 10 BAS

  • Brian

    You guys should get over it! jason you didnt know it was that bad in America, Look at the 1911 the single most copied firearm in history .

  • Joe Gerhardt

    This rail is not a copy. Just about as dumb as saying one company copied the M4 shorty stock when all look exactly alike. I suspect the two comments above are by someone who works for their company. Sort of a coincidence isnt it that two people comment on the same feature one right after the other. I’ll go one better, the buffer tube on the stock and grip looks exactly like my ar-15 one on my Rock River and DPMS, Bushmaster. How kiddyfied can you get!

  • Armeta Cave

    What a beauty to be sure.
    I find it unfortunate however that Savage found it necessary to present McCann Industries mount rail as their own.Seems to be that overfamiliarity has somehow turned into ownership and to claim braggers rights on manufacturing to boot shame on you! This rail made it’s first public appearance in the Oct 2005 Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement page 30 and 31. Do we not have enough to do protecting the homefront? Do we also have to cover our butts here at home from the unimpeccable, idea thieving folks who have no sense of propriety.

  • jason

    nice looking concept too bad the guys at savage copied the mccann industries m24 rail. they copied it so well several people thought it was a mccann mount, mccann’s website say they make the that rail for the savage for right and left hand shooter’s and i’m pretty sure i saw it at SHOTshow in vegas, i know the chinese copy everything we (americans) make i didn’t know it was that bad at home. i wonder what the lawyers are thinking about this one. it looks like savage reverse engineered the mccann mount, is this a lawsuit in waiting?