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  • jim Georgiopoulos

    I recently purchased a savage model 10 B A T S K rifle and upon inspection I was amazed at the quality of this rifle it also has a excellent feel when shouldering the firearm. It looked and felt fantastic.
    When I took the rifle to my local range to see how well it would shoot I immediately knew I had a true tack driver in my collection.
    after around 8 shots and cleaning the rifle each time for the initial running in process I tried to fire my 9 shot and found that nothing was happening the rifle did not discharge. I waited a while and removed the live round carefully inspecting the primer and found no indentation in on the surface of the primer.
    I then loaded another round and again the same result no discharge. I inspected the recently purchased ammunition and found that it was relatively fresh. I attempted this procedure at least 10 times all with the same result.
    I returned the defective rifle to the place of purchase and the dealer informed me that it was a defective sear. He then explained to me that the rifle will need to be sent away for repair.
    I’m not happy regarding this particular situation I never expected to have this problem with a new savage rifle. I now regret purchasing this rifle.

  • Ananymous

    I would suggest getting an ARIES carbon fiber suppressor system. The reason being is that it it was one of the most effective, easy to clean/maintain, and rugged suppressors you can possibly buy. Also, you don’t even have to worry about removing your muzzle brake, because the 1st tube screws onto an installed barrel nut at the beginning of the barrel, and fits over the entire barrel and covers the muzzle brake. The second part of the suppressor, screws onto the 1st part of the suppressor, therefore, you can always leave your muzzle brake on. YOU NEED TO GET THIS SYSTEM, AND TELL US YOUR RESULTS!

  • JR

    I am the happy camper of last year. My BAS-K has performed perfectly since the day it came out of the box. I zero at 200 yards with 3 shot groups at .5 inch. I only use Hornady 168gr, BTHP. Groups at 500 yards are smaller than my fist. I have not had reason to adjust the trigger, out of the box it was 3 pounds and crisp. I have added the bipod scope and sling. The weapon has more attaching points than I think I will ever use. After a year, I have gotten the BAS configured just about the way I want it. I will be done when I get the suppressor on. I need to know the tread info. for the flash suppressor. Any help out there.