SAVAGE Model 110 BA

Offering extreme long-range performance, the new Model 110 BA from…

Offering extreme long-range performance, the new Model 110 BA from Savage Arms is offered in either .300 Win. Mag. or .338 Lapua Mag. It sports a 26” fluted barrel topped off with a muzzle brake and features an all-aluminum AccuStock. For more information, visit

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  • chuck

    I bought a savage 110 ba 300 win mag which comes with one 5 round magazine. Much to my surprise neither Savage nor anyone else has this magazine.

    I love the rifle but I am very disappointed that Savage does not have any magazines available for this rifle.

    This is my second Savage as I also own a 308. I think it’s outrageous that the company has No magazines for dale for a $2000 rifle(without scope)!

  • Jack Corn

    Glad to hear that. I just bought mine and shot 3 rounds through it. Am looking for a adjustable rest that screws in the bottom of the rear stock. it looks like a tear drop.

  • Bob King

    Purchased a Savage 110BA in 300 Win Mag as a base for a “one-mile” firing platform. After spending several days breaking in the weapon, adding Night Force optics equiped with a B.O.R.S. system, this 300 Win Mag. 110BA can ingage a 24″ steel target at one mile all day long. This is an outstanding firing platform that I don’t have to pay a hundred bucks for a box of ammo. As usual, Savage Arms has done an excellent job.