SAVVY Body Armor

SAVVY BODY ARMOR Finally, body armor made specifically for women.…

Finally, body armor made specifically for women. BAE Systems launches SAVVY, an entire line devoted to providing bullet-resistant vests contoured for the female body and shape. Two concealable options are currently available, the RETRO and FLAIR. Both designs feature all-woven aramid materials for flexibility and incorporate SAVVY’s 4-point cup position for a precision-fit, bust alignment. To learn more, SAVVY Armor at PO Box 365, Dept GW/LE, Central Lake, MI 49622; 888-346-7288;

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  • Amber Tembreull

    I do not recommend this vest and company, Safariland. I had high hopes for this vest because it was my first truly female vest. I took more measurements for this vest than I have for past vests. When I received the vest, the overall vest fit was ok but the chest was very wrong. The chest cups were rigid and about two inches too low. Most importantly, the chest area cannot be altered (I found this information out too late) and the company will have to make a new vest. However, if you are past the 60 days of invoice forget it. Safariland and Chief Supply will not help you. They will help you purchase a new vest but not fix what you have.

    Nowhere does it state that if the chest area of your vest is wrong it cannot be altered. The Chief Supply customer service representative that guided me through my ordering process did not know this either. I had to go to Safariland directly to get this information but it was too late. Additionally, upon reviewing the Safariland and Chief Supply websites I cannot find an alteration/ return timeline.

    Find another company because if something is wrong with your vest you will never get it right.