Scorpion and Stinger 1911 Handgun by C.O. Arms

C.O. Arms introduces the quality, American-made Scorpion and Stinger 1911 handgun.

C.O. Arms, a West Tennessee manufacturer of high quality 1911 pistols, is proud to introduce the Scorpion and the Stinger models to the public.

The C.O. Arms Scorpion is the original high quality 1911 made by C.O. Arms. With a forged stainless steel slide and frame, the craftsmanship of this pistol is unmistakable. The Scorpion model also features a match grade barrel and quality high-end sighting system that truly sets it apart and above others in its class.

The C.O. Arms Stinger is the ultimate concealed carry 1911. With a standard grip length on a forged aluminum lightweight frame, the Stinger provides the advantage of a 9-round capacity .45 ACP ammunition with a 3 ¼ inch barrel for easy concealment. These characteristics in addition to its enhanced pointability make the Stinger a pistol without equal.

With a close attention to detail and an evidence of raw talent, the men and women at C.O. Arms work to create a timeless, American-made product that will please any gun owner or enthusiast who shares in the legacy of the 1911.

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  • This is one fine 1911. Where can I buy one?