See-In-The-Dark Thermal Imagers

“Alright, our subject is a male, age 15, brown hair,…

“Alright, our subject is a male, age 15, brown hair, around 5-foot, 8 inches, and approximately 130 pounds. Direction of travel unknown. Last seen around 7:30.” Including myself there were five other police officers present and two juvenile probation officers. Our duty sergeant was giving us a briefing about a missing teenager. The boy had been sentenced that day by our Juvenile Court Judge to spend 60 days in the Juvenile Attention Center (kiddy jail).

hightech2.jpgBefore being taken to the JAC, the boy complained of stomach pain and was taken to the hospital. While in the emergency room the incorrigible teen had managed to slip out a side door and was now at large. It was early December and long since dark. We needed to find the troubled youth and get him back in custody.

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