Seekins Precision SP3R Mod Quad Rail

The SP3R rail was designed out of necessity from shooting…

The SP3R rail was designed out of necessity from shooting 3 gun and sniper competitions where barricade or improvised shooting positions are frequent. At only 2” wide it fits perfectly into your hand and it is extremely light weight. On a barricade, barrel, ledge or port opening the flat surfaces give you a sturdy rest allowing for super fast, accurate shot placement. The slots on the rail integrate with our T-nut attachment method for simple, solid mounting. Modular accessory rails are field adaptable and can be attached in any slot around the circumference without removing or reaching inside the hand guard. The SP3R comes with all mounting hardware, a full length top rail and two 2.5″ long rail sections. the The SP3R rail is available in 12″ or 15″ lengths.

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