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  • Joe Blow

    These people are brave. Is it a good idea to antaganize the hardened war veterans that are no doubt attend these fuenerals. Most veterans own guns and know how to use them. Im just sayin, if someone protested at my fallen brothers feuneral i think all of my decision making capabilities would go out the window. Someone would get hurt.

  • Hazekamp

    As someone who has attended a funeral wherein “demonstrators” were present, I can tell you that these people are literally accomplishing nothing more than making people extremely angry and ruining the simple saying of goodbye to someone who was a brother, sister, mother, father, etc. America’s brave men and women that are fallen have served their country and it’s people, including the ignorant fanatics that have also shown up to their funeral. I heartily agree with the protection this act would afford our military personnel and their families.

  • Protesters at a military funeral.. Really?? Don’t they have better things to do? Sounds as if they have way too much free time on their hands.

  • General Jim M

    Freedom of speech is protected from GOVERNMENT restrictions not the people.There used to be a defense called “fighting words”.You know a guy calls your mother a whore,you punch him in the nose,fighting words.You disrupt a funeral,you get your ass kicked by the mourners? The cops should just not respond.

  • i wish these ignorant….. people would come to one of my comrade’s funerals while i was there can we say beat down?