Seoul to train 30,000 reserve snipers.

The Defense Ministry will train about 30,000 snipers in the…

The Defense Ministry will train about 30,000 snipers in the reserve force to counter the threat of North Korea’s numerous special forces beginning this year.

A ministry spokesman on Thursday said the snipers will be trained for urban warfare and to deal with North Korea’s special forces. “We will assign two snipers to each unit of the Reserve Forces and have them practice shooting for four hours during their mandatory training period every year,” he added.

They will practice with M16A1 rifles with telescopic sights.

Mobilized reservists in their fifth or sixth year after discharge from their active military service have so far trained in reserve divisions by commuting from their homes for three days a year. But from this year, they will stay at barracks in five active Army divisions for two days during their training, the spokesman said.

Source: The Chosunilbo.

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  • Jeeters

    Sounds like they’re just teaching 30k how to shoot with a modern rifle. I guess since it’s the US that will do the fighting, they don’t feel too much pressure to field the real deal.

  • DPRK Special Forces have been a constant concern for 3 decades. Recommend that the ROK’s go with a 30 cal or larger for a sniper rifle.