Sharps Milspec 2010 Carbine

Building on a strong lineage of style and durable design,…

Building on a strong lineage of style and durable design, the new Sharps 2010 was created with one thing in mind, unmatched performance. Starting with the worlds most advanced piston system for consistent cycling and reliability. The Sharps has a patented bolt carrier assembly with a lifetime limited warranty.


Each carbine has a precision machined forged upper mated to a custom billet lower receiver. The Sharps octagonal barrel features a perfect 1 in 8 twist, 5R rifling, Nitrided 16” barrel that lasts three to four times longer than chrome and is externally tougher than stainless. The barrel is topped with a Vortex G6A2 Integral flash-hider to make the Sharps 2010 carbine suppressor-ready. For full mounting options, the Sharps 2010 Carbine features a detachable free-floating Quad-Picatinny Rail and comes standard with ACS Magpul stock, Miad grip and 2 P-Mags.


MSRP $2,695.00: Contact:

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  • sam romero

    For the MSRP you can buy a POF and extra mags

  • John Doe

    For the price they are charging it better come with more mags, an aimpoint t-1 with larue mount, front and rear iron sights, a case of ammo, and a miad grip.